A Few Words For 2018

December 29, 2017

Anyone else kind of ready to see 2017 go?

I'm so ready for it to leave I'm standing at my front door hurling its luggage out onto the driveway near the dumpster fire of a car it rode in on. Okay, not really, but you get where I am, right? 

I'm ready for 2018. For my family, 2017 contained a great deal of fear, pain, and agony. It also had moments of laughter, love, and smiles. I need to cling to all of those. Early in the year, my grandmother suffered a debilitating stroke and my stepmother passed away. Those events occurred within two weeks of each other. Most of you also know that Mr. Neal went through a rare auto-immune disease along with immune suppression this year. For any of you who have ever had to watch someone you love more than life itself hurt, you have my heart. I now know first-hand how soul-crushing that is. 

Mr. Neal started having odd joint pains back in February. By June, he often couldn't lift his arms over his head. By our vacation in July, he was in a wheelchair. It was not until September that they were finally able to make a diagnosis. He then had surgery in October and went through heavy-duty immune suppression through November. A few days ago, we were told he was in remission. It's been quite a year. I thank you all so much for the sweet emails and messages you sent me during his treatment. And I especially thank you for your prayers and good energy. They worked! We are so very blessed. 

I've been thinking for weeks about words I want to focus on for 2018. Since I felt like we were really only able to survive in 2017, sometimes just barely at that, I thought maybe one of my words should be - THRIVE. In 2018, I want to thrive. I want my business to thrive. I want my characters to thrive. I want my family to thrive. 

Then another author friend of mine shared her word with me and it applied so much to the things I want for 2018, I asked her if I could share her word. She graciously laughed and reminded me that words are up for grabs anytime. Her word, and now my word, too, is NURTURE. I desperately want to nurture my healing family, my body, my work, my home, and all of the other things in my life. Nurture is definitely going to be one of my guiding words for 2018. 

There is another word I plan to FOCUS on for 2018. And that word is FOCUS. See what I did there? There are so many things I want to accomplish this year. I don't want to waste one moment. I have plans for {mumbles a number} of books to be released next year. I don't want to make promises yet because I don't like tempting the fates but I will say this there will be more books out from me in 2018 than there were in 2017, way more! 

The last word I'm committing to heart for 2018 is GIVING. I want to GIVE more! I want to do for others. That's really what we're all here for, isn't it? So, to start 2018 out on the right foot, I have partnered with the ProLiteracy Foundation. A portion of all proceeds from Wayward Son will go to help prevent and combat adult illiteracy around the world. Giving the gift of reading is just about the best gift I can possible think to give. If you'd like to get a hot, sexy cowboy delivered straight to your e-reader on January 23, 2018 AND be able to GIVE back, preorder your copy today. It's a great way to start the new year. 

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