The Random Friday Five!!

January 19, 2018

Hello, my loves!

I've been told it's Friday afternoon, but truthfully I have no freaking clue what day of the week it is anymore. All I know is that my beloved and much adored children have only been in school four days this month. Four. Days. It's January 19th. I think you can surmise why my brain has gone to mush. 

Anyway, it is Friday afternoon and that means it's time to get random. Truthfully, I am always random. It's just that on Friday afternoons you get to see inside my random. Are you scared? Don't be. I'll try to keep the truly crazy stuff tucked up inside as much as I can. That is usually a fruitless effort, but for you, I will try! 

All right, let's go!

1. First and foremost, Wayward Son comes out next Tuesday! Woohoo!!  This is the final full-length book in the Camden Ranch series and I love it so much I can't even see straight. Colton and Avery have been in my head since before I wrote the first full-length book in this series, Rodeo Summer, which you can get for free by signing up for my mailing list just so you know! What I'm saying is Wayward Son has been brewing for quiet some time. All of the early reviews have been phenomenal! I'm so thrilled!! 

AND a portion of all preorder sales will be donated to the ProLiteracy Foundation to help provide materials and teachers to help adults around the world learn to read. I love this foundation so much and I love that I get to work with them again. Preorder your copy today and give the gift of reading to others. There really are no downsides! You get a hunk-of-pure-sexy cowboy and you get to give the gift of reading!! 

2. Like I said, my boys have been home from school most of the week this week. One of them did go Tuesday. The other went to the doctor because my poor baby has double ear infections. He's much better now but he was feeling pretty rough there for a while. At least the snow days allowed him to recover and not miss more than one day. That was nice!

3. However, I knew they'd been home too long when I started receiving random texts from them whilst they were sitting in the same room with me. They'd stumbled upon bizarre petitions to be signed on Their favorite was the petition for the Croc shoe company to make Lightening McQueen Crocs in adult sizes. I can't even. We all laughed until we cried and then of course, they signed the petition. I told them if the Croc company ends up making said Lightening McQueen Crocs I'm getting them both a pair! 

4. So, what are you having for dinner? I must confess that snow days always put me in the mood to cook. I love to cook so it doesn't take much but having my babies home and not being able to go anywhere sends me to the kitchen. Today, I made slow cooker lasagna. Now, I will tell you, just because it's in my Crock Pot did not make it any easier to make. There are just so many steps to lasagna. But it's in there bubbling away now and it smells heavenly! Plus, lasagna is Youngest's favorite and surely this will help him get over the last of those nasty ear infections. I firmly believe cheese, and meat sauce, and more cheese, and noodles, and more cheese, oh and then another layer of cheese is a cure all. Did I mention we like cheese in this family?

5. OH, thinking about cooking brings me to a devastating discovery I've made. So, I've never been a heavy drinker by any means, but I would occasionally have a glass of wine with dinner or when we were out with friends. Recently, even having one single glass of wine would make me sick. Not hangover sick but lethargic and achy and stomach issues and just gross. It would seem I have developed an allergy to the sulfites in wine. {weeps} I've not yet experimented with cooking with wine but I suspect I'll tolerate that better. I'm kind of bummed but there are worse things. 

Okay, I am going to go send out a few emails and get some things prepped for tomorrow. I'm supremely honored to be speaking at the Georgia Romance Writer's meeting in the morning. Wish me luck! My little introverted soul is a bit nervous. (Read: slightly terrified) Hopefully, all will go well! 

I'll see you here next week! And if you haven't preordered Wayward Son go forth. You only have a few days left! 

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