The Random Friday Five!!

February 2, 2018

Hello, my loves! 

It's Friday!! Woohoo!

I know it's been so long since I've done a Random Friday Five you've probably forgotten it was a thing. I'm sorry. It's been a rough few weeks. 

Here, let's get to the randomness and I'll tell you about it. 

1. As many of you know, my grandmother passed away last week. Thank you so much for all of the sweet messages, emails, and cards I've received. You all made a rough time more bearable. I miss her so much but it was nice to be surrounded with family I don't get to see very often last week. 

2. In the midst of all of that, Wayward Son released! Again, thank you so much for all of the messages and reviews about Colt and Avery. I'm so thrilled everyone loved their story. That means the world to me! 

3. This morning, I packed both of my teenage boys up and sent them off to church camp for the weekend. I know they're going to have a ball. When they were helping cram bags and pillows in the back of the van and the preacher was warning everyone not to open the back doors lest everyone's belongings land on the ground, I was whisked back in time to my own church youth group trips. You know, Mr. Neal and I met on a youth ski trip in high school. I still can't believe that was twenty-four years ago. I mean, that's completely impossible because I, myself, am only twenty-nine. Right? Yes, let's go with that. So, I was four and he was seven and... okay, never mind. Let's just suffice it to say that I will always have nostalgia for all church related youth functions.

4. Let's see where my mind wanders next.


Oh, I know. Yesterday, I did a thing. I have had an old Mac keyboard with a missing power key since we moved into this house over a year ago. All in all, it's completely usable but my wrists ache constantly. Mac keyboards are too thin to use a wrist rest with. SO, yesterday I ordered a new keyboard. It's old school, thick, AND it's click-y. I'm excited. I've always loved the sounds of clicking keys. It's soothing to me. Of course, I usually listen to music while I write so I probably won't hear the clicks then but I'm still excited. It should be here tomorrow. It's plenty thick enough for a wrist pad so my wrists are thrilled. 

5. Since the boys are out and about, Mr. Neal and I are having leftovers for dinner. Tomorrow, I'm going to make Thai chicken wraps and sesame noodles, which is one of our favorites but not something my boys appreciate. (Read: they won't eat it) It will be yummy! I'm already looking forward to it. 

All right, I'm going to try to get through a little more Photoshop tutorial before I pack it in for the night. So far, I'm loving learning Photoshop. It's such a cool program. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I hope you've gotten your copy of Wayward Son! If you haven't, do eeet!!! Trust me, Colt Holder will keep you nice and warm on this chilly weekend! 

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