The Random Friday Five!!

March 2, 2018

Hello, my love bugs!

Does it weird you out when I call you that?

If it does, just pretend I didn't. 

See how easy that was?

Okay, now, are we ready for my own personal brand of Friday randomness? It's been kind of a weird week so who knows where this might go. 

Let's see shall we?

1. Let's start with something I learned this week - I should not give up dairy. Despite all internet and pop psychology insistence that it might help me lose weight and help my skin, as it turns out my body actually does need the nutrients in dairy. I learned this when I had a killer headache for four straight days. I kept telling myself it was like a detox of sorts. However, my actual medical professionals and all of their wisdom and know-how have informed me that it's not a detox nor was it an addiction. It's that my body and metabolism are not getting stable proteins they need to keep my blood sugar stabilized. Hence the headache and foggy-headedness. 

I ate a piece of pizza last night to try to make my dairy-free time up to my body. Headache disappeared instantly but was back this afternoon. Apparently, it will take a few days. Sigh. Maybe by the time I'm forty I'll learn. Probably not but a girl can dream. In any case, I'm going out tonight with my BFF and we've long believed that there is precious little a margarita can't either handle or improve. 

2. This week I've been hard at work on H.A.L.O. Undone the first book in my upcoming Broken H.A.L.O. series, a super sexy military romance coming out soon! If you read Last Call, you already know T-Byrd, Voodoo, Smith, and Griff. And if you read Wayward Son, you briefly met Rylee. They will all be getting a Happily Ever After in this series and I am so excited I can't see straight. (And I'm fairly certain that is not actually due to the dairy thing, too!)  

H.A.L.O. Undone is about Sgt. First Class Griff Haywood and Hannah Hagen. Take a moment to notice her last name - Hagen. As in the fact that she has the very same last name as Sgt. Smith Hagen, Griff's best friend and his brother in arms. Mmm hmm. Guess who's not thrilled with this coupling. But this book is SO much more than just a best friend's little sister tale. It's a second chance love and it is oh so sexy! I cannot wait for you to read it. 

3. Oh! I know what we can discuss next. This is probably more exciting for me than it might be for you but you never know. I ordered, received and LOVE my new office chair. Here's the thing - it's a child's desk chair! Some of you know how ridiculously short I am. I'm barely five feet on a good day. They had to put me up on camera cases in our wedding photos just to get me and Mr. Neal in the same frame for pictures. He's six-foot-four, which is totally unfair. 

But, I digress. I ordered this chair - Sit Rite Kid's Desk Chair and my feet actually touch the ground! It's revolutionary I tell you. My height has long been an issue with me sitting at desk so many hours a day. I had back and neck pain. I required a complicated system of step stools and desks that were no more than 29" high when the standard is 31". This chair solves all of those problems and even has its own built-on footstool. It's amazing! 

4. I think I mentioned in my Reader Group that I was in talks with Audible to turn the entire Camden Ranch series into audiobooks! Eek! I so wish I could tell you more and I will be able to soon, but for right now all I can say is - everyone has signed on the dotted line! I LOVE the voice talent that has signed on to read all of my swoony Camden cowboys! Just wait! You are in for a treat!! And I'll give you more details soon. 

5. If the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise (and we say down here in the South), this weekend, Mr. Neal and I will be working on some fun changes for my site and a few other digital things. I made him a lengthy list of changes and he didn't run away screaming so I feel like we're in a good place. I'm kidding! Totally kidding! He puts up with all of my insanity and even wholeheartedly agreed with all of my requests. I can't wait to show it off! 

For now, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Read something sexy for me! 

-Your dairy-infused and incredibly short teller of romantic tales 

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