The Random Friday Five!!!

March 30, 2018

Hi, my loves! I'm a little late with this Random Friday Five. I'm so sorry. Truthfully, I wasn't going to do one but I miss you guys! It seems I once again have a double ear infection and a raging sinus infection. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time or you're in my reader group you have probably surmised (by the sheer amount of time I'm sick) that I have chronic sinusitis. 

It's no fun and there's not a lot the doctors can do for me due to a few other things but I am trying to figure out how to not be sick so often. 

But enough about less-than-fun stuff. Let's get random!! 

1. Today, is Good Friday so for everyone who'll be celebrating this weekend, I wish you a very Happy Easter! Easter is one of my very favorite holidays. We're hosting Easter lunch, for the extended family, here Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, the heavy-duty antibiotics I'm on will have kicked in by then. 

2. Next Friday, USA Today will be premiering the cover of HALO Undone and I am SO excited to show it off! First Sgt. Griff Haywood is yummy and I cannot wait for you to have him in your hands!! The publication date will also be announced next Friday! Yay!

3. While I'm camped out here on the couch trying to recover (seriously this fever is a bitch) I'm devouring books. So far, this week, I've read Worked Up by my girl Tessa Bailey. I loved Duke SO much!! Now, I'm working on Need You Now by J. Kenner. Up next, is Drive Me Wild by my Julie Kris. I'm also taking two classes and trying to finish HALO Undone. Hmm, do you think my work schedule *might* be why I'm getting sick so much? That was rhetorical. I promise I'm working on it! 

4. In somewhat-odd things that happened this week, we tried out the curbside grocery service from our local Walmart because I am all about not spending time grocery shopping. For doing so, we were given a little bag of treats from said Walmart. One item in our bag was a Capri Sun. Now, I haven't purchased Capri Suns since my boys were little so I figured no one would drink it. Well, I brought home the stuff, unloaded the bags, and the gift. AND the boys argued over who got to drink the Capri Sun. Mind you, they are 17 and 15. I offered to buy them more and they were elated. Who knew? I picked up a few boxes next time I was out and they're thrilled. They have no high fructose corn syrup and are sweetened with Stevia so I'm good with it but it cracks me up how excited they are about them. 

5. All right, I'm off to return to my couch cushions until the fever breaks. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter and I'll see you back here next week!! 

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