The Random Friday Five!!

April 6, 2018

Hello, my loves! 

It's Friday! And we're showing off the cover of H.A.L.O. Undone!! I'm so excited!! 

Let's Random Friday Five and I'll tell you what else I've been up to this week. 

1. First if you want to hear more about the Broken HALO series and to admire the cover a little more (go ahead I won't tell) go read about Griff and all of his lusciousness in USA Today! I have loved writing Griff and Hannah Hagen's books so much! I cannot wait for you to read it in just a few weeks! 

2. Also, I am finally feeling a little better! Thank you to everyone who messaged and emailed me to check on me. Y'all are so sweet! I ended up having a weird reaction to the antibiotics so it's been a crazy week. Today, I finally feel better. So, I tried to do four day's worth of work in one which I didn't quite accomplish but it felt good none the less. 

One of the things I got to do today was to hear the first chapter of Rodeo Summer read by Riley Matthews who has signed on to do all of the Camden Ranch audiobooks. You guys are going to LOVE them! As soon as I heard his audition, I knew he was the voice for the Camden cowboys! 

3. I'm also prepping for a spend the night party tonight. Very soon, my home will be inundated with teenage boys. Go ahead and light a candle for me. We're ordering enough pizzas to feed a small army so that should fend them off for a while. After that, it will be every gal for herself. Only, I'm the only gal and I'm probably just going to hide out in my office. If you need me, knock three times and give the password. Maybe I should make one of those No Boys Allowed signs I used to put on my forts when I was little. 

4. Despite the sea of testosterone I will soon be swimming in, I still need to get some words written tonight. We'll see how that goes! I'm sure the Nerf battle and constant barrage of video games will be super inspiring. 

5. Oh! I know another thing that happened this week! Youngest got his learner's permit. I'm not okay with this. Like a month ago I was taking him out of his carseat and making sure he had a pacifier and his blanket with him. Who is this person who's a foot taller than me and can now drive? Who gave him permission to do this? I need to speak with them because I am not happy. This is not okay. {shakes fist at sky} 

All right, our guests will be here soon so I need to batten down the hatches. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Read something sexy for me! 

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