The Random Friday Five!!!

May 4, 2018

It's Friday and I'm actually Random Friday Five-ing!! 

Seriously, I feel like it's been a month since the last time I did this! 

I solemnly swear to at least attempt to explain my absences. Maybe I should get a note from my mama. Hmm... 

Anyway, let's dive on in and see where we end up, shall we?

Buckle yo' seatbelts! 

1. First and foremost, I finished HALO Undone! Woohoo! It is in the capable hands of my editing team and I am sitting here wondering what to do with my life. I vaguely remember there being something besides sexy Green Berets and the inside of my brain but I'm struggling. I am accomplishing other things (kind of) but a significant portion of my brain wants to either A) sleep or B) worry that my editor is going to call me up any minute to inform me that all the things are terrible, horrible, and no good. Mind you, that has never happened. But still, I worry. It is the nature of being a writer I think. Other than that one guy who got super irritated that I had the audacity to put plot around the sex scenes, most of you tend to love and adore my books and my characters so I need to chill. If someone could inform my brain of this, I'd be most appreciative!

2. When I wasn't working on HALO, I was at the doctor's office, the ENT to be specific. Earlier this week, they did a CT scan of my noggin and discovered several things. The first is that I apparently have an unusually hard head. Mr. Neal found this hysterical as did all of my parents. Apparently, I can be stubborn and now they have medical proof! Seriously, the doc kept going on and on about the hardness of my skull and hubs was falling out of the chair laughing. I believe his comment went something like, "You should try to argue with her." A few days later when this story was told to my father, he countered with, "Ha! You should've tried to raise her." Look, whatever people. You have to love me and my thick head! 

Anyway, they have also discovered that I have extremely tiny sinuses and that nothing drains in the places it is supposed to drain. Maybe my skull didn't give them room to grow. I have no idea. BUT they can fix the problems with my minuscule sinuses. They also discovered that I constantly have a sinus infection. Like all the time! That is not cool. SO they are going to do something called balloon sinuplasty. Basically they're going to go in with the use of a balloon to widen, move, and correct my sinus issues. Other than the obvious pain involved, I'm kind of excited. It should correct all of the things and I won't constantly have infections anymore. If you've had the procedure and didn't have good results, maybe just don't tell me!  

3. On my list of things to do while the editors have Griff and Hannah is to get caught up on the audiobook for Rodeo Summer. You guys! It sounds so freaking good!! I get caught up listening to it and forget I'm supposed to be making sure he said all of the words. I cannot wait for you to hear it! 

4. I'm also doing character development on my next book - which I'm keeping a secret for a little while longer! Will we do another HALO book where my Berets help get your halo dirty and make you fall in love or will we travel on down to the great state of Oklahoma, break ground in Holder County, and let the cowboys run wild? Any guesses? 

5. OH! This is a fun thing! Some of you know that my little brother who also happens to be a high-ranking, big, bad marine helps me write ALL of the HALO books. Seriously, I text him constantly throughout the day and he explains all the things to me. Since he helped me so much with HALO Undone, I wanted to get him fun things! So, I ordered a bunch of stuff from a few of his favorite places and sent them to him. They're all there waiting on him but he's in meetings all day! UGH! I have the patience of a toddler who hasn't had a nap. So, you know, he's in some important closed-door, national defense rests on this meeting kind of thing and I'm all - But I got you stuff!!! Open the stuff!! LOL 

There's my hard-head again. Anyway, I'm sure he'll be out of his meeting at some point. I hope he likes all of his stuff! 

All right, I'm off to figure out dinner and listen to more Rodeo Summer. If you haven't preordered HALO Undone yet, what are you waiting for!??! If it's a sign, this blog, right here is a sign!! Despite my irrational fears, I love Griff and Hannah so freaking much I can't even see straight! They are hot, and sweet, and oh so in love!! Seriously, May is a rough month. There's all of the end of the school year stuff (read: crap) and Mother's Day is coming up! You totally deserve a hot, sexy soldier to make you forget that you have to take child 2 to school early and pick them up late and also more early, and that child 3 has yet another thing you need to be at, all while child 1 has 4 projects and 117 exams they need you to help them study for. 

I'm tired just typing that. Go get Griff! He'll make all the things better!!! 

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