The Random Friday Five!!

June 1, 2018

It has been way too long since we've Random Friday Five-ed! Don't you think?

Let's get on this. 

It's pouring down rain up here in North Atlanta. It's a real gully-wusher, as my Granddaddy would say, so, let's get this done while we still have power!

1. HALO Undone has been out for a week and a half and I am SO thrilled that you all loved Griff and Hannah as much as I loved writing them! The reviews have been amazing! If you haven't gotten your copy yet, go one-click! Let First Sergeant Haywood keep you nice and HOT this weekend! I promise you won't regret it! 

2. I keep trying to figure out how to announce which book I'll be working on next. Most of you know we're launching two new series this year - The Broken HALO series (hot military romance) and Holder County (hot contemporary western). I am currently working on one of those series! Is it the second HALO book or the first Holder County book? Eek! I want to say but I can't. Not yet. Soon, I will spill the beans. I promise! 

3. Tomorrow, we're supposed to move furniture. Hubs is getting a new desk for his office. I'm contemplating moving my office to another room where I would have more room to spread out. But, I'm struggling. I love my tiny office. Well, I love it most of the time. It happens to be over our garage and generally runs either ten degrees hotter or cooler than the rest of the house depending on the weather. Also, I'd really like a chair with an ottoman along with my desk, which won't fit currently. I don't know what to do! I'm bad at change. I'm also bad at packing up. I think that move to Hawaii and back again in four months' time kind of did me in. Send me good moving vibes is what I'm saying! 

4. OH! I know what we should talk about! The fabulous Riley Matthews has almost completed all of the Rodeo Summer audiobook! Readers, my dear sweet readers, it is SO freaking good! I cannot wait for you hear it. AND he has signed on to do HALO Undone as well! I'm so freaking excited. His talent truly knows no bounds. He's amazing! 

5. It is officially summer here. Boys have been out of school for two weeks now. We're all trying to get used to the new routine. As delicious as it is to be able to sleep in a little I really need to get up and get moving earlier. This four-day week has thrown me. I'm still not sure what day it is. I have many words to write. I've got to get this whole summer thing figured. I do this every year. There's a two-week adjustment period. Hopefully, bright and early Monday morning, I'll get my shiz together. L 

All right, we're supposed to go out to eat with my sweet in-laws so I need to make sure a jon boat is not going to be required to leave our home. Have a wonderful weekend! And go read HALO Undone

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