The Random Friday Five!!

June 29, 2018

Hello, my loves! 

Before we begin our Random Friday Five today, I must make one request - don't hate me! 

Can we agree on that one thing?


Then let's do this. 

1. So, this past week both, not one or the other, but both of my children were away at church camp! Let me tell you what I did not do all week long. I did not break up any arguments. I did not cook dinner one single time. I was not forced to listen to anything involving any kind of Youtuber. I did not have to remind anyone about light switches working both ways or to close a door. I tell you, I was basically living my best life. Don't be jealous. 

2. Now, let me tell you what I did get done - so many words were written! Also, Mr. Neal and I were able to have peaceful morning coffee uninterrupted. We also had uninterrupted conversations. Crazy, I tell you! Oh, also, I accomplished tasks all in one pass. It was blissful but of course I did miss my little pumpkins. I went down to camp to retrieve them early this morning and they had a fantastic week. If before this moment, you were thinking of going back on your promise not to hate me let me assure you the amount of wet, stinky laundry that has now inhabited my laundry room makes up for my week! Seriously, light a candle for me.

3. In other random news from the Neals, we purchased a new refrigerator this week. Thrilling, I know. I mean isn't this why you all allow me to share five complete moments of randomness (read: insanity) each week? Just so you can know about our appliance purchases. No? Oh, well then, I'll move on from this point quickly. I am actually excited! Not sure when it's being delivered since they talked to the Mr. today whilst I was acquiring our offspring but I'm ready! Bring on the new fridge. 

4. When I wasn't writing T-Byrd and Maddie's book this week, I was researching T and Maddie's book. This required several emails, texts and even phone calls to Baby Bro, my military consultant. I'm so thankful he puts up with me! I tell him this is payback for all of the times I tried to make him play with me and he wouldn't sit where I told him to. No, wait that's still him putting up with me. Maybe it's to make up for those times I tried to shove him in my doll strollers. Okay, basically what I'm saying here is my baby brother is long suffering and has been putting up with me for years so he should be used to this by now. 

5. Oh, I know what our fifth random thing should be this week! Who's coming to see me in Denver? I will be signing at the Readers for Life Literacy Signing Saturday, July 21, from 3:00-5:00 and would LOVE to see you there! 

Okay, I'm off to forage for food for supper. Alas, my life of luxuriously allowing GrubHub to deliver are over. My pumpkins are home and now I must feed them! 

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