The Random Friday Five!!

September 7, 2018

I know it has been so long since I last did a Random Friday Five you've probably forgotten what they even are! 

Summer was a wild, crazy ride! We had fun but I'm so thrilled to be back in the swing of things with school. Since I sent HALO Redeemed  off to my editors last night, I thought we should celebrate with an RFF!! 

In case you really have forgotten what an RFF is, let me refresh you. Basically, I force you to endure five random things that cross my mind on a Friday afternoon. Buckle up! It can get crazy in here. 

1. Like I said, I did sent HALO Redeemed off to my editors yesterday. I was a whole day early, which kind of makes me worry that hell might've frozen over or something. If that did happen, Georgia has not had any freezing effects. In fact, it's still hot as blazes down here. Fall needs to get a move on. Mama's ready for sweaters, sweatshirts, and thick, fluffy socks! 

2. Speaking of HALO Redeemed, you guys, this book! Oh my heart! I love every single thing about it! T-Byrd and Maddie were so much fun to write and honestly, I'm a little sad it's over. Of course, there are three rounds of edits to go through but I miss them like crazy! They may be my favorite couple yet!! 

3. When I'm in between books, I always feel so lost. Like I'm floating out to sea, unmoored. It is not a pleasant feeling. I know I need time to refill my energy well, so to speak, but I'm thinking I'm going to dive into the first Holder County book sooner than later! 

4. Of course, there is all of the stuff I let slide while I was cranking out HALO Redeemed that I probably should look into. I don't think I've seen my closet floor in a month. It isn't pretty, people. I may need my HALO boys to come rescue me, if I go in! There's also all of the buisness-y things I need to catch up on. I have some pretty exciting things we're working on for all of you! I can't wait to show them off! 

5. Do you have any fun weekend plans? I'll be catching up on work, doing some reading, and driving my children to all of the places because I'm like an Uber but no one pays me. I don't recommend this! I'll also be listening to the fabulous Jackson Kincaid's work as he creates the audiobook of HALO Undone! Have you heard the audiobook of Rodeo Summer? Um, if you haven't, I highly recommend you go forth and listen. If you thought the book was sexy, you haven't heard anything yet!! Jackson is truly amazing!! If you listen and love Rodeo Summer, and how could you not, let me know! I've been passing on your high praise to him! And for everyone who's asked, I promise there is so much more Jackson to come!! 

All right, I *might* go tackle my closet. Might. I don't know. I'm going to need to caffeine-up first! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you ready or LISTEN to something sexy!! 

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