The Random Friday Five!!

October 19, 2018

So, I know I haven't Random Friday Five-ed in a while!! Remember you love me! 

I promise I was doing writer-y things, and also I was probably very busy with things like figuring out what my teenagers are up to and trying to determine if I can talk Mr. Neal into Grubhub...again. 

But, let's not dwell on that for too long! Let's move on to other more fun and more random things.

1. This week was the release of HALO Redeemed!! I don't think I've ever gotten so many emails from all of you about how much you loved a book! If you reached out and contacted me, thank you so, so much!! Those emails mean the world to me! If you reviewed the book anywhere, thank you times a thousand!!! I want to hug every single one of you!!! 

2. My youngest child texted me from school this morning to alert me to the fact that he is bringing home a full-sized ballista. Let me backtrack momentarily and explain that he and his friends built this medieval weapon in their engineering class. As I understand it the thing shoots tennis balls a rather long distance. And my child assured his teacher that I wouldn't mind if he brought it home! Can you feel how hard I am rolling my eyes? Seriously, where is he going to store this thing? I have a feeling our neighbors would, in fact, mind if he mounts it to the front porch or something. On the other hand, maybe that would keep those people who keep knocking on our door early Saturday morning to either tell us who to vote for, or to peddle their particular brand of religion, or to sell us something, away. It could have merit. I'll get back to you on this! 

3. My oldest child just texted me a few minutes ago to ask if he was allergic to either seaweed or larvae. Seriously, what the hell is going on at the local high school? I'm a little worried. I've been in my office all day working on the next book. Have we descended into anarchy? Are bugs and sea plants what we're eating now? Good grief!

4. Moving on from that unpleasant thought - You guys, I'm so excited! Fall is finally here in the South! It's actually chilly. In my office, currently, it's almost cold. Mr. Neal is opposed to the heat being used before November. In GA, it's usually not necessary before that, but Mama is cold. We may have to renegotiate the terms of HVAC usage in our home. I don't expect to win, but I feel I should try. What usually happens is he offers to keep me warm. I'll just leave that right there. ;) 

5.  I promised my reader group that I'd come hang out with them tonight! We're going to have a bit of a naughty bedtime story by way of me reading a scene or two from HALO Redeemed. If you want to come party with us, join the group HERE!! If you're reading this blog later on, you should be able to access the Live from the video archive in the group! 

All right, those are the five extremely random things on my mind this Friday afternoon. I'm going to go measure my front porch for Medieval weapon placement. Kidding! I promise! I won't do that. Just don't tell those Saturday morning visitors!! ;) 

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