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The Random Friday Five!!!

February 10, 2017
We made it to Friday! Yay! Mama's tired so I'm more than ready for the weekend. Have you had a good week? I hope so. It's been a busy week around here. Are you ready to get your Friday randomness on?... Keep Reading >

The Random Friday Five!!!

February 3, 2017
It's Friday afternoon!! Yay! The weekend is upon us and I feel certain you know it is Super Bowl weekend and everyone in Atlanta is "rising up!" Seriously, I was in a department store last night buying more of my... Keep Reading >

The Random Friday Five!!!

January 27, 2017
It's (finally) Friday afternoon! Yay! Not going to lie to you - for some reason I am exhausted this afternoon. It has certainly been a long week. I'm ready for a weekend and then a fresh start. I'm drinking a... Keep Reading >

The Random Friday Five!!

January 19, 2017
And here we are. It is Friday afternoon and that means it is Random Friday Five time. Today, I need to do something a little bit different. Today, I'm going to give you five random (and hopefully exciting) facts about... Keep Reading >

The Gifted Realm: Academy Serial Series!!!

January 16, 2017
I am so thrilled to formally announce that we have decided to launch the second Gifted Realm series, The Gifted Realm: Academy, as a weekly serial right here on my website. Here are a few questions I've fielded about the... Keep Reading >

The Random Friday Five!!

January 12, 2017
It's Friday afternoon! Yippee!! Yes, I did just say yippee. That feels a little weird but I'm going with it. How was your week? I must say, I had a great week. We're slowly but surely getting all the things out of... Keep Reading >

The Random Friday Five!!

January 4, 2017
I can't believe I'm doing this! I'm so excited! I'm here on the East coast doing a Random Friday Five. Eeeeeee!!!! For those of you who've never experienced one of my fun (read: slightly terrifying) enlightening (read: often confusing) thrilling (read: occasionally... Keep Reading >

2016 In (Book) Review

December 21, 2016
Alternate Title: 2016 tried to kill us dead. Here is what I read instead. But that was a little Suess-ian for a romance writer I thought so I went with 'book review' instead. It might also be a slight exaggeration,... Keep Reading >

A Pot, Some Coffee, and A Tape Gun

December 9, 2016
Before our family set off on our big adventure (think Griswold-style only it involved 2 airplanes) of moving to Hawaii, we sold most everything we owned. Now, I'm going to say this and no one is going to believe me... Keep Reading >

Fantastic Beasts and ... Leon

November 16, 2016
It's finally Friday! When I was back on the East Coast, I frequently did my Random Friday Five post on Friday afternoons EST. Being here in Kauai it makes the timing of that blog a little strange. Whether or not... Keep Reading >
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