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My Top Fives!!

June 16, 2017
Instead of my typical Random Friday Five, I thought we'd do a special Birthday Edition of my Top Fives since today is in fact my birthday!! It's true confession time. Hold me! I'm making lists of all things lovable, weird, odd,... Keep Reading >

2016 In (Book) Review

December 21, 2016
Alternate Title: 2016 tried to kill us dead. Here is what I read instead. But that was a little Suess-ian for a romance writer I thought so I went with 'book review' instead. It might also be a slight exaggeration,... Keep Reading >

An Author's Guide to the RWA Conference

June 29, 2016
So, you're going to "Nationals" this year, right? Yes? Yay!! I hope to see you there. Want a few tips/tricks/where to hide if all the people get to you ideas? I thought I might combine all of my profound wisdom (read: not much)... Keep Reading >

Change is the Only Constant

June 2, 2016
There's this word that sometimes makes us all feel a little squirrely inside. You can see it written in the beach in that picture there to your left. It's not a big word. It's not even difficult to spell. Yet,... Keep Reading >

Oh My...We're Moving!

April 28, 2016
See that sign there to your left? Yup, there's now officially one in my front yard. I have to say I have mixed emotions about this. I'm thrilled beyond belief that we're doing this, that we're going to do this... Keep Reading >

10 Bizarre Things I Think While Getting a Pedi

March 23, 2016
There are a few things you must first understand about me before we jump into this list. First of all, I have extremely sensitive feet. Just ask The Stud. If he even momentarily considers tickling my feet I will perform... Keep Reading >

Motherly Pride Goeth Before the Fall

February 15, 2016
Saturday, my youngest and I decided to run some errands together and do some mother/son bonding. That's the youngest there in the picture taking his life in his own hands by drinking the rest of my coffee. We'll get back... Keep Reading >

Let's Talk About Love, Ba-by!!

February 11, 2016
See that guy in the picture there. He's sitting by that girl with the "stuck her finger in an electrical socket" hair look going on. Pardon me for a moment while I deeply lament that "look." Okay, I'm back. For the past... Keep Reading >

Things I Do Not Understand

January 26, 2016
Going on the assumption that I confuse easily. I thought I'd go over a few things that are real head-scratchers. Maybe you can explain them to me. 1. First off, why did my loving, caring, kind parents decide to let... Keep Reading >

Now and Then

January 13, 2016
See that picture there to your left, yup, that would be your's truly thirty years ago. My first grade school picture, meaning that I was 6. Sometimes, I think about that little girl. What I might go back and tell... Keep Reading >
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