The Gifted Realm: Academy - Volume 1

Chapter 17 - Distracting Revelations

“Which class is this for?” Jeff demanded.

“Energies of Early Childhood Development.” Becca’s eyes closed in defeat.

“Is she even allowed to make you do this? We’re supposed to be able to request an early exam at any time, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it. That’s one of your required courses to graduate. If you fail the exam….”

“I know. If I fail, I don’t graduate and I either take it tomorrow or I get a zero. She asked me why I wanted out of her class. I told her we were getting married and that I wanted to get a job.  She must have already heard why we were getting married.”

Mentor Hannon was well known for her staunchly conservative stance on premarital sex.  She wrote articles about it for the Venton Views newspaper, held rallies at the school denouncing amative energies week, protested the female students learning to set the cast, and had bumper stickers on her car informing everyone that if you had sex before you were married that you would burn in hell.

 “I’m helping you study all night. You are not going to fail.”

“Jeff, it’s our wedding night,” Becca huffed.

“Bec, come on. You have to pass this.”

“We can just study a little. I really think I’ll be okay. There are those study guides and stuff online that other students have uploaded. I’ll use those. I just have to pass.”

“What time do you have to take the test?” Jeff skillfully negotiated the D.C. traffic near the Ritz, trying not to think about the fact that he had very little cash on him and wouldn’t be able to tip anyone.

“Tomorrow morning at ten. She did say she’d grade it as soon as I’m done,” Becca offered hopefully. 

“I’ll skip my first class. We can study right up until you have to take the exam.”

“Absolutely not! You have to graduate in the top two percent of Ioses. I just need to graduate with a Scholera degree. You’re not skipping class ever.”

Unable to argue with her reasoning, he nodded his defeat.  “Fine, but we’re not doing anything else until you’re ready for that exam.”

Linking their hands, Becca pushed her soothing love through his skin. Still so hungry for her, he drank it in like life’s blood. “I know I have to study some, but we are doing other things. I want to be your wife. I know this sounds old-fashioned and stupid, but I want to really, actually, physically be Mrs. Jeff Strenton. That means more to me than anything else.”

Mrs. Jeff Strenton her name still made his heart stutter and swell. How did I ever get lucky enough to have Becca wanting me to make love to her over anything else?

“I love you so freaking much, and I swear I will get you through all of this.”

“We’ll get through it together.”

Jeff parked in the lot as he was unable to tip a valet though he was certain Becca had never stayed in a hotel and carried her own luggage inside.

She wasn’t going to start that night, either. Not if he had anything to say about it. He grabbed her backpack, laptop case, and their duffle bag along with their toiletries.

“I can carry some of that.”

“I got it,” he assured her.

Leading her into the vast hotel entrance hall, Jeff swallowed harshly. The cherry wood paneled walls along with the cream marble floors complete with a solid marble counter for checking in had him reeling momentarily.  People like him didn’t stay places like this.

Clenching his jaw in defiant ambition, Jeff stepped up to the marble counter. “Reservation for the Strentons.”

“The reservation was just made for a club level suite,” Becca added.

“I have a club level suite for the Sapmans made two hours ago. Could that be it?” the concierge asked kindly. 

Rolling his eyes, Jeff fought the urge to correct the woman on the name. “I’m sure that’s it.”

“Why does he have to be like that?” Becca sighed.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Jeff willed away his irritation in order to soothe her.

“I’ll just call the bellman for your bags.”

  “No ma’am. I’ve got them.” Jeff assured her.

With a confused nod, the woman handed Jeff three key cards, two for the room, one for the elevator. “You look so familiar. I never forget a face.  Do I know you from somewhere?” The woman studied Jeff.

“I worked out here a few weeks last summer.”

“That’s right.” The woman smiled and nodded. “A bellman?”

“No ma’am, I was just a sub on a HVAC job.”

“Oh, well you did a great job. The AC hasn’t broken since. Your room is ready.”

“Great.” Jeff led Becca towards the elevators.   

“I’m sorry my dad’s being such an ass,” Becca apologized as soon as the fogged glass doors closed in front of them.  Jeff chuckled over her assessment of her father.  He certainly would never have said that, but he wouldn’t deny it either.

“I guess he has a right to be upset, but I’m gonna prove him wrong Bec. I’m gonna be everything you need.”

She brushed a tender kiss along his jawline. His breaths dissolved into shallow pants from that alone. “You’re already everything I need. And he doesn’t have any right to be upset. This is our life. We’re not asking for his help. It’s not what he planned for me. Guess what, he doesn’t get a say.”

Suddenly desperate to get her inside their suite and away from the invading, corrosive world Jeff summoned a ball of electrical energy into his hand. The elevator jolted and then ascended rapidly under his cast. They located the room and Jeff slid a magnetic pulse through his hand over the lock.

His eyes landed on a hotel suite three times bigger than his mother’s apartment.  Becca beamed. “When you stay up here on the club levels, you get a certain amount of room service comped.”

“Are you hungry, sweetheart?”

A warm heat creeped up from her neck. “I know we just ate a huge dinner and cake, but I’m starved.”

“Bec why didn’t you say something?”

“I just got hungry, but I go from hungry to famished really fast lately.”

“That would be the whole eating for two thing, I’m guessing. Here, get whatever you want. I’ll figure it out.” Jeff handed her the room service menu and hated himself for hoping she picked something relatively inexpensive.

         After he ordered her requested cheese burgers and fries, Becca eased beside him and threw her arms around his neck. He embraced her tenderly. I don’t care what her father thinks. This is right where she belongs, safely in my arms.

“Will you kiss me?” The words whispered across his lips. “You know since I’m your wife and all.”

Giving her the groan she was clearly after, Jeff let it all go for just a minute. His fingertips traced the delicate features of her face. She angled her head upwards, anxious for his lips. Needing no more invitation than that, he devoured her mouth. She was so sweet. Her energy filled him and soothed the plaguing restlessness of their current life.

If she was beside him, everything would be fine.

Her hungry moan slipped down this throat. He swore it wrapped tightly around his cock. Craving drove him. His hands slid to her breasts, lifting their heavy swollen weight.  She shuddered against him.

She was his, and he wanted so badly to own her, to show her that he’d fulfill not only every need but her every fantasy.

 Kneading the swollen fevered flesh with his right hand, he slipped his left up her skirt.

“Yes,” she panted. Covetous need overwhelmed him as he felt the slick wet heat forming rapidly between her thighs. Pulling the crotch of her panties aside, his fingers teased her wet curls.

“Touch me. Please.” She spread her legs further, driving him wild.

“I’m gonna touch you, baby. I’m gonna own you.” Dipping his fingertips where she was wettest, he traced back and forth. He knew where to go, knew where to touch to make her weak, knew what she needed to hear and feel from him. She was his.

Reality was ushered in by the knock on the door.

“Don’t stop. God, I need more,” she begged.

“No.” Jeff squeezed his eyes shut. He couldn’t look at her dark hungry eyes, and her kiss-swollen lips, knowing that she was fevered hot and dripping wet for him and tell her they had to stop. He’d just have to do this blind. “We have to study for your test.” He forced the words from his mouth. “Besides, this should be amazing for you. I want to do everything that lets you know how much I love you and how bad I want you, so let’s eat and study, and then later I want to give you a bath in that pool sized tub,” he tried for a joke and got a half smile. “I want this to be more than me reaching up your skirt. This should be more.”

“Fine, but I don’t want to wait too much longer,” she confessed in a lust filled whisper. “I want to be your wife.”

“Baby, if you don’t stop saying that, I’m gonna lose my mind. We have to study.” Ordering his cock to give him a break, he flung open the door and prayed the two bucks in his pocket would be enough tip.

Jeff watched his wife slip into a pair of her Scholera order knit shorts and one of his Ioses t-shirts. He tried to hide the effect her breasts swollen over the top of her bra and her damp satin panties had on him. Shaking himself, he opened her laptop. Study then sex became his mantra.

Yanking off his tie, dress shirt, and the only pair of dress pants he owned, he switched into nothing but a pair of jeans. The seconds it would take him to pull off another shirt after they studied weren’t worth it.

Summoning, Jeff’s energy lilted and spun as he focused on the screen. This was his specialty. A half-second later, he tapped into the hotel’s primary server. Leaving the free Wi-Fi for other guests, he hooked Becca’s computer up to the connection used by the hotel. It offered her vastly better download speeds and the faster he got her ready for her exam, the faster he could get on with making her his wife.

He wanted her more than he wanted to draw his next breath. Wanted to claim her, wanted to make each and every inch of her belong to him. No one else had ever existed in the tight, slick, heavenly space that he’d opened all for himself, and no one ever would.  

Joining him on the bed, Becca opened her book and binder. She didn’t have much in the way of notes.

“Wait,” she looked up from her binder. “Phoebe said she was going to email me some link to old exams that you can use to study online.”

“Are they really old exams or are they just study guide things?” Jeff couldn’t fathom how anyone could get a hold of actual Venton exams to post them online. Those things were locked up in safes at the school. It was like Fort Knox.

“She says the teachers posted them for studying. They’re probably several years old but it’s something.” Reaching for her laptop, she opened her email and revealed a sketchy looking website with links to exams divided out by predilect.

“Babe, those are probably fake and loaded with viruses. Let’s just use the school’s site study guides.”

“Phoebe swears she used them all last year and she got straight A’s. She wouldn’t send me a virus.”

“At least let me scan them first.”

“Fine, do your magic but just remember, the longer you investigate the longer the studying part will take.”

To his shock, Jeff’s scans and investigating only revealed two odd things. No malware. No viruses. The shopping cart feature was locked and legit. Nothing appeared to be particularly dangerous, but the site was charging money to access the exams ... with the answer keys. His eyes bugged when saw that for a small fee of two-hundred and fifty dollars the current year’s exam could be purchased along with the key.

“This is a scam. It has to be. If it’s not, it sure as hell can’t be legal. There’s no way this year’s exams are posted online. They're stealing credit card numbers.”

“Even if it was, getting an early copy of this year’s exam is cheating. I’m not doing that. If they were just stealing credit card numbers wouldn't the people who've been using this site for an entire year know that? They aren't stealing credit cards, and I’m totally spending the ten bucks to get the past few years. I have to pass this test. Did it have any viruses or whatever else you said?”

“Not that I can see, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.”

“You are the computer whisperer, babe. If you scanned it, and saw nothing then there’s nothing there to see. I know we don’t have any extra money, but ten bucks not to fail is worth it.”

“Fine. I’ll ask you the questions. If there’s anything you don’t know, then we’ll look it up and go over that.”

“Okay,” Becca sighed dejectedly.  “Gifted children suffering from malnutrition are most likely actually missing protein based energies. This can affect their Gifted development by robbing them of their burgeoning energies and the full effects might not become apparent until later in their life after they’ve gone through the energy changes at puberty. The most common symptoms are lethargy, weight either too high or too low, and erratic weaknesses in their rhythms.”

“Right. That was great. Just a few more.”

“No!” Becca slammed the computer shut.

 “Bec, come on, let’s just do the last ten on this one exam. I cannot let you fail because of me.”

“I’m not going to fail. I haven’t missed a question in over an hour. No more studying. I want you.”

His cock and his mind at war with one another, Jeff willed himself to argue with her, but he wanted her so badly he could taste it. If he allowed himself a half of second to think about anything but her test the next day, his very breath held the need of his body to be one with hers.

Before he could formulate another argument, Becca grabbed her duffle bag and scooted into the bathroom.

With a sigh, Jeff stacked her book, laptop, and binder on the desk in the room. Wondering what she was up to, he glanced at the locked bathroom door. His mind went over everything that had happened in the long day.

“You okay, sweetheart?” he called hesitantly.

 She giggled. It was one of his favorite sounds in the world. He smiled automatically. 

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a sec, just a little nervous.”

Wondering why on earth she was nervous, he began dispensing with throw pillows that seemed to multiply as he threw them off of the gargantuan bed. Finally locating sheets, he went over everything he wanted her to feel on this night.

Summoning heat from the air around him, he war,ed the sheets and blankets, trying to think of anything that would make her comfortable. She had nothing to be nervous about. They’d done this before. He just wanted to be everything she’d ever wanted, even if this wasn’t exactly the honeymoon he knew she’d dreamed of.

His mind wondered momentarily to the newspaper’s special report on Rainer and Emily’s honeymoon. He shuddered as he recalled the images.

 Rainer had tried desperately to hide Emily away for a few weeks. The press hounded them relentlessly. He’d reserved an entire island for their two-week honeymoon, but Wretchkinside’s son had paid off the owners of the island to hide cameras strategically throughout the villa and on the beach.

He’d sold the pictures to the press and the entire Realm had gotten a taste of just what Rainer and Emily had done on their honeymoon. Pushing those thoughts out of his mind, Jeff refocused.

It should be really romantic. He tried to think of everything he would have done had they been engaged for the time required for her parent’s to throw them a huge Senate wedding. He would have worked tirelessly at Iodex saving every penny to buy her a nice house and take her on the kind of honeymoon she deserved.

Glancing around the room he noted candles on the bedside tables, desk, the tables in the sitting area and on the dresser. Moving quickly, he summoned and lit all of the candles and then lowered the lights from the rest of the suite. He was just finishing when the bathroom door opened slowly. 

Becca appeared and his heart stopped momentarily, and then sprinted back to life in a thundering jolt. His mouth watered, and he had to consciously remember to draw breath. 

“Wow,” he gasped but his voice held no tone. “You are so beautiful,” he gushed unable to take his eyes off of the delicate white lace gown she was wearing. It had the tiniest of straps and then two loosely gathered lace cups displaying her breasts in all of their glory.

They spilled deliciously over the top of the gown. It partially obscured her waist and the hem scalloped around her backside.  It was entirely made of tender, gauzy lace so Jeff could still see her nipples drawn in dark puckered points and the lush curves of her backside.  He’d never seen something so enticing in all of his life.

“So you like it?” she choked.

Unable to believe she had to ask, Jeff erased the distance between them. “My God, baby, you are gorgeous. Is this what you were nervous about? Wearing this for me?”

“A little I guess.”

“The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You took my breath away.”

She’d never worn lingerie for him before. He’d never even thought of it. He was perfectly happy to lower the zipper on her jeans or reach his hand up the skirts she wore to school. This was different. This was exquisite.

“I saw it at the store at the beginning of the summer, and I thought someday I want to wear something like that for Jeff like on our wedding night.” Her energy spiked in nervous jagged twists. “So, I put it in my hope chest. That’s part of why I was so upset my mom wouldn’t let me have my chest. I wanted to wear this … tonight.”

 “I love you so much.”

Her ocean blue eyes were dark and timid. Hunger swirled in their depths. “I love you, too.” Drawing her into his arms, he felt her heart race against his chest. Her long thick blonde hair hung tenderly on her shoulders. Her lips were already swollen in her desire, and he was certain he’d never deserve something so astoundingly beautiful or so damn sweet.

“God, Bec, I swear I’m trying to take my time. I’m trying to do right by you, but I need you. I can’t think about anything but burying myself so deep inside of you, you feel hollow when I’m not there. I want to make you my wife. All mine and I intend to show you that.”

His words had her energy quaking and pulsing in heated need. “Yes!” Her hands landed on his belt.

“I’ve got it, sweetheart. Go get in the bed. I heated it for you.”

He watched her glide slowly to the biggest bed he’d ever seen. Her curves swayed as she walked and he felt his length strain and throb desperate for her attention. His jeans hit the carpeted floor followed by his boxers.

Her chest rose and fall in fevered pants, illuminated by the candles he’d lit. She arranged herself on her knees on the side of the bed giving him a mischievous smirk. 

A low groan wrenched up from his chest as she ran her hand up his strain. She lowered her head. He pulsed hot and heavy in her face. “You sure you want this tonight, baby? You want your mouth on me?”

“God, yes. I want to taste you. I love the way you feel against my tongue.”

This time a growl he had no hope of quelling fled from his lips.

His baby was dressed in a deliciously innocent gown. Her tongue spun up his length. Her eyes locked on his.

Unable to help himself he laced his fingers in her hair guiding her. She moaned against him the reverberations shuddering through his soul.

His neck went slack as his head fell back from the heavenly sensations she brought him. She sucked and licked setting him on fire. She held the only antidote to his exquisite pain. 

"Oh, God. Bec, baby, stop."

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