The Gifted Realm: Academy - Volume 1

Chapter 18 - A Man Among Men

~ Jeff Strenton~

Becca pulled away with a heady grin, swirling her tongue over the head of his cock once more just to listen to him groan. 

“Lay back for me, baby. I need you.” Tenderly, he lifted the gown from her. She trembled as he gazed at her luscious body. “My God, you are so beautiful.” She was his Jeff still couldn’t believe that. 

He traced his hands up her thighs and then eased her legs apart. Frantic pants spilled from her as she writhed. She would only ever be vulnerable to him. He would safeguard every single secret of her heart, hold her every desire in the palms of his capable hands. Every single thing they shared would be for the two of them alone.

He lowered his head kissing his way down her inner thighs. Her breaths hitched. She spread her legs further in invitation.

Unable to wait any longer, desperate to taste the liquid form of her energy, Jeff licked up her slit.  Loud shuddering moans avulsed from her. Her hunger nearly broke him.  She was so wet he ached to plunge her depths hard and fast, to take what belonged to him. “You taste so sweet, baby.” Centering his tongue on her clit, he began to suckle gently.

Another circle, another draw, and she spilled out in his mouth. He moaned against her feeling her energy flow throughout his body mending his wounds and filling him with her love.

She convulsed and shook as he released all of the tension and all of the doubt the past few weeks had given them, replacing it with his adoring love and tender care.

Jeff crawled up her body covering her with all of him. He leaned and swirled his tongue over her left nipple. It pulsated against his tongue as he began to suckle, drawing the energy from there as well. 

She hissed his name and he moaned against her breast the sound driving him wild.  He moved to her right giving it equal attention.

“Please, please,” she begged. He dipped his fingers deeply inside of her watching her body contort.  “Yes.”

  Smiling, Jeff increased the friction. He knew where to go, knew what to do, knew how to love her. The gravity of what his knowledge meant on this night of all nights, settled firmly in his mind. She was his.

“Jeff, please, I want you.”

“Come for me first, baby. I want another one.”

She trembled as he slicked his thumb with her honey, and tempted her clit once again.

 She tensed around his fingers. His eyes closed as she concentrated only on the pull of her body. When she writhed wildly and cried out for he slicked his cock against her swollen folds and pushed inside of her, riding the waves with her.

 It was different. How could it feel so different? Becca’s eyes flashed. Her arms wound around his back as she pulled him closer. Forcing himself to concentrate, Jeff began thrusting gently and grinding his body against hers.

He would never have believed that anything could feel better than being with her, but it did. It was a pleasure like he could never even fathom. Her back arched deeply. Her body contorted in pleasure. The exquisite sensation robbed him of breath.

All the times he’d had her underneath him before, it never felt so perfect and so complete. Their energy combined readily as the pulsing waves of them together reverberated from the bed. He pushed her open to his hilt claiming every inch of her for himself. She fit around him like a glove.  he tight wet space that felt like heaven was sculpted only for him. He formed her to his strain satiating their needs as he made them one.

“That feels amazing.”

“You like that, baby? You feel how deep I am, feel how much I love you?”

“Yes.” Her voice dissolved into fevered gasps of breath.

 With the first tender tremble of her climax, Jeff came undone. It was too perfect, felt to astoundingly good. He spilled himself deeply inside of her burying himself in forcefully as she quivered and shook from the force of their combined releases. Their energy waves arced high and surrounded them.

Working from habit alone, Jeff fell to the bed beside her and cradled Becca tenderly on his chest.  “Wow.” she was still shaking from the last of her orgasms.

“That was incredible,” he agreed in a heartfelt whisper. 

“You felt it, too? You felt how different it was?”

 “Definitely felt it,” he assured her. 

“It was just amazing.”

Wishing he could take credit, he whispered a kiss on her forehead.

“You promise you’ll hold me all night every night for the rest of my life

  “Of course. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I used to lay on the couch at home and all I wanted was to come back to your house, climb in your window, and hold you all night long.”

“You could’ve. I would’ve loved that.” She clung to him fiercely. 

“Little afraid your dad might catch me.”

Casting his shield around her, he tried to soothe her energy still frantic from all that had just happened between them. “Go to sleep, sweetheart. I’ve got you. You’re all mine. And I will always be there to hold you, and to take care of you. Always.” 

Kissing the top of her head, he kept his shield over her until she was sound asleep in the serenity of his arms. Letting his mind recall in slow perfect detail the heavenly way it felt to be with her now, Jeff felt his heart pick up pace once again. He thought about her nervousness to wear lingerie for him though he’d seen her naked numerous times over their four year dating relationship. It should always have been more. It should always have been more than kicking textbooks off of her bed and crawling up over her body in the very same move.

 Thinking that he’d gladly work extra shifts just to fund more lingerie purchases, he smiled brushed another tender kiss on her forehead as she slept.

All right, Mr. Strenton, you’ve gotten yourself a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. What you make of this is entirely up to you, son. The Crown Governor’s challenge rang in Jeff’s mind.  A wife and a baby. He let that settle on him harshly.  He was twenty years old. How could that be possible? Probably should’ve thought of that before you laid down with her in the bed to do homework knowing perfectly well what was going to happen.  Jeff lambasted himself, but it had been his eighteenth birthday. He knew what she was going to offer, and he’d been unable to think at all.

He recalled feeling his cheeks burn as he recalled his rabidity. Okay, so it’s several years before I thought I’d be married and having kids, but we did this and we’re going to make it work. He’d never been more determined in his life. 

His mind moved over all of the marriages he admired. His parents were never married so he started with the Vindicos. His whole face lights up when she comes in the room. He recalled sitting in the kitchen of the Vindico’s home watching Mentor Vindico stare at his wife.

He thought about the rumors going around school. That Mentor Vindico had overheard that punk Jared Coker make a lewd comment about Mrs. Vindico and that he’d pinned him against one of the concrete walls and threatened him. There was talk that Mentor Vindico was going to get in trouble with the Chancellor for threatening a student and assigning him a paper that would be counted as a grade. But he defended his wife adamantly even at risk of reprimand. Jeff pulled the lesson from the tale.

He moved on to Logan and Adeline.  He didn’t know Adeline that well. She never seemed to talk at the Academy that Jeff recalled. She always seemed to be reading, but Logan was crazy about her. He, and Rainer, and his brothers had ended up in more than one scuffle on Adeline’s account. People always said awful things to her because she didn’t have a Gifted last name or a crest. Logan never seemed to care what people thought about her. He loved her and that was all that mattered to him.

Rainer and Emily came back into his mind. They seemed to exist as one at all times.  He rarely saw one without the other. Though Emily never asked for the things Rainer gave her, he did spoil her. This thought came with a hefty dose of guilt. Spoiling Becca wasn’t an option currently. Just a few months and after the baby’s born, I’ll spoil them both.

They Haydenshires were a classic entity.  The Crown Governor and his wife had lived through the rough times and had come out the other side still clinging to one another.  He recalled Logan talking about Cal’s death. He certainly remembered all the press when Abigail was born. They just always clung fast to one another, no matter what.

These vows set firmly in Jeff’s mind as he cradled his wife on his chest. 

         ~Dan Vindico~

         After his first class, Dan sauntered back towards his office wondering what his lunch with Governor Haydenshire would entail. Jeff was pacing outside of a classroom looking half-terrified.

 “What’s going on?” Dan demanded. He’d expected to find Jeff in a state of bliss filled euphoria after his wedding night at the Ritz.

“It’s Bec.” He pointed into the classroom.

“She sick?” Holing up in an empty classroom seemed an odd place to recover.

“No,” Jeff sighed. “Well, she wasn’t feeling great this morning, but she asked her Energies of Early Childhood mentor if she could possibly test out of her class early.  Thinking sometime around Christmas. But her mentor got mad and is making her take the final today. Right now. And whatever she gets is her grade. If she fails, she can stay in the class and try to bring it up with her other assignments but the failing grade stays as the grade for her final.”

“That’s pushing the guidelines for being a Mentor here to the very limit of what they’ll allow. Let me guess. It’s Mentor …”


 “She’s been beating that drum since I was going here. Sex will make you burn in hell etcetera, etcetera. I’m certain I’m a great disappointment to her.”

“Well, I consider myself in good company then.” Jeff managed a half-smile. “She has to be done in fifteen minutes.”

“You went to class this morning, right?”

“Yes, sir. I studied with her for hours last night. I think she can at least pull a B if she doesn’t choke. She’s not the best test taker.”

“You used hours of your wedding night at a suite at the Ritz to help her study?”

“Was that bad?”

“Hell no, I was just gonna say you’re a lot stronger than I’ve ever been.”

“Right.” Jeff gestured to Dan’s large biceps.

“Anybody can build muscle. You’ll be bulking up plenty once Portwood starts putting you through it. I was talking about strength of character.”

A minute later Becca all but leapt out of the classroom. Joy lit her face as she bounced up and down. “I got an 89!” she squealed.

Relief etched every inch of Jeff’s entire being. He wrapped his arms around her.  “Baby, I’m so proud of you.”

Dan backed away trying to give them a moment.  Mentor Hannon appeared carrying her briefcase and wearing a scowl.

“Mentor Vindico,” she spat.

Smiling, Dan gave her a polite nod. “Mentor Hannon.”

“Well, Mrs. Strenton,” she sneered Becca’s new name. “I do wish you the best of luck with everything. I highly suspect you’ll need it with your terrible decision making skills.” She gestured to Jeff.

 Becca’s eyes narrowed hatefully as she clung to Jeff’s hand.

“Thank you,” she spat in disdain making Dan chuckle.

Mentor Hannon rolled her eyes as she marched away. 

“Ugh, she is such a self-righteous bitch.”

Dan and Jeff cracked up.

 “Sorry,” Becca shuddered as she realized what she’d said in front of Dan.

He shook his head. “We were all thinking it.”

 “Okay, I have to go to one more class then I’m actually going to hang out with Fionna Styler, and Chloe Sawyer, and Emily!” Becca gushed as they walked towards her last class of the day. 

“I prefer Fionna Vindico,” Dan corrected.

“Right,” Becca grimaced again. “Clearly, I should just stop talking.”

“You ready to go Jeff?” They needed to leave to get to the Pentagon through downtown traffic.

“I’m ready.”

         Dan drew a deep, reassuring breath as he cranked the Ferrari thrilled to be leaving the week behind him. 

Jeff chuckled. “That bad?”

“Been a long-ass week.”

“You’re telling me.”

         They sauntered into the Pentagon entering through the Iodex office. Ben waved Dan through, though he no longer held any credentials or a badge.

“Look what the cat dragged in.” Ramier beamed at Dan as he shook his hand fiercely.

Dan worked his way around the office greetings from all of his former men. Homesickness coursed through him as his body absorbed the sights and sounds. 

Tuttle was sporting a lascivious grin as he stared at his phone. 

Rolling his eyes, Dan felt his entire body cringe as he approached Tuttle’s desk.  Eyes goggling, Tuttle slammed the phone face down on his desk. “Hey, man, I didn’t know you were coming by,” he choked. 

Rainer and Logan chuckled. Scowling, Dan lifted the phone off the desk bracing himself.

“Ugh,” Dan swallowed back the vomit that flooded his mouth. The picture of Dan’s youngest sister Lindley had him gagging.  She was posed much like a cheap-print porn star. Legs bent and spread. Her hair a mix of its natural blonde with purple highlights.  She was wearing nothing at all and sucking her own index finger. 

Dan’s eyes shut tightly as he took in the placement of her other hand. Her eye make-up was dark and covered her entire eye lid. 

“I didn’t tell you to look at my phone,” Tuttle spat. 

“That is my sister,” Dan growled furiously.

 “I know,” Tuttle waggled his eyebrows stupidly. “And very, very soon, I’m gonna be your brother.”

Ryan Tuttle was an outstanding officer.  He was also however a disgusting pervert that Dan could hardly stand to be around. He and Lindley had met when she’d done a brief stint in rehab for recreational use of enhanced Ecstasy. Tuttle had been one of her counselors. 

“You will never say those words in my presence every again,” Dan demanded hotly.

“She’s so damn hot and wild,” Tuttle gushed with a dreamy look in his eye. 

“You honestly believe Lindley will marry you?” Dan’s little sister typically messed around with drugged out losers for a few weeks before moving on. She had, however, been dating Tuttle for six months. It was by far the longest relationship either of them had ever maintained. 

“She brought it up,” Tuttle challenged.

Gripping the side of Tuttle’s desk Dan felt like he’d been sucker punched. 

“And you’re actually gonna settle down stop chasing everything that breathes and will spread their legs for you?” Ramier, Tuttle’s partner, quizzed in abject disbelief.

“I’m not settling down man. With Lind, I don’t have to. She is wild like the wind, trust me. And the stuff she’s down for, damn,” he drawled in reverence. 

Dan was certain he was going to vomit. Jeff looked extremely uncomfortable as he tried to blend in behind Rainer and Logan. 

Backing away from Tuttle lest he sink his fist in his face, Dan focused on Jeff. 

Portwood appeared with a smile. “Mentor Vindico,” he chuckled and offered Dan his hand.

Laughing at his own expense, Dan appreciated the escape he offered.

“Portwood this is Jeff Strenton,” he introduced.

 Portwood gave Jeff a kind smile. Jeff shook his hand and stared at the new Chief of Iodex like he was a celebrity.

“How’s Fi doing?”

“She’s good.”

“You ready to be a daddy again?” Portwood looked thrilled for Dan and Fionna. 

“Definitely. Julie good?” Dan asked politely. 

“Yeah, she’s amazing.” Portwood’s smile spread rapidly across his face. “Just found out I’m gonna be joining the daddy ranks myself.” He tried not to sound as thrilled as he clearly was. 

“Congratulations, man,” Dan shook his hand again.  Everyone in Elite Iodex joined in the congratulations. 

          “So, Strenton, you’re lucky becuase I’m in a really good mood. How about we go get you a badge and officially make you Officer Strenton, and then I’ll let Lawson and Haydenshire take you down to the shooting range. You beat Rainer’s shots by three o’clock, I’ll let you keep the badge.”

“Are you serious?” Jeff gasped. 

Portwood laughed. “Actually, you have to have a badge to work here, but as you’re still a student, you can’t arrest people yet or flash it around to anyone but your friends.”

“I won’t. I swear, sir.”

“Hey, loosen up. If Dan says you’re the man, then you’re the man.”

Glancing at his watch, Dan slapped Portwood on the back. “I’m going to eat with Governor Haydenshire. Don’t beat him up too badly until I get back.”

“How about I promise never to do worse to him than you did to us on our first days.”

“I may have been a touch overzealous back in the day. I don’t want to have to carry him to my car.”

“You? Too much? Never thought I’d hear you admit that. I am gonna let Logan and Rainer work you out on the gun course then we’ll see what you’re made of once Dan’s back. Go make him official, gentlemen,” Portwood directed Rainer and Logan.

Jeff nodded nervously though he looked up for anything Portwood wanted to subject him to. Rainer slapped him on the back. “Don’t worry. Logan still holds his badge when he sleeps at night.”

“I’m serious. Don’t go too rough on him. He’s had a hell of a week.” The order slipped Dan’s lips before he could stop it.

“Well, now, I do need him to work so I can’t go too easy on him, but, I am aware that he probably didn’t sleep much on his wedding night.”

“No, he didn’t. Apparently he stayed up for hours helping Becca study for an exam she was forced to take this morning.”

Stunned disbelief etched Portwood’s face. “Are you kidding me?” A low whistle slid between Portwood’s teeth. “Damn, kid’s got standards. I’ll give him that.”

“Thought I’d find you here,” the Crown Governor appeared through the doors from the Governor’s wing of the Senate into Iodex. 

“Sorry, I was headed that way, sir.”

Governor Haydenshire shook his head.  “You’re not late. I just needed to get out of my office where I’m seriously considering having the phone removed.”

“That bad?”

“You don’t know the half of it, yet.”

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