The Gifted Realm: Academy - Volume 1

Chapter 46 - She's Off Her Blossom

“I’ve never been so exhausted after shopping,” Fionna confessed as Dan pulled her seat out for her at the Old Ebbit Grill near Georgetown. Chuckling, Dan slid into his seat and scooted it closer to his wife.

“I honestly had no idea there were so many things we were supposed to have for our little coconut.” Dan grinned at her. “We weren’t really shopping but registering was exhausting.”

“I’m starved.”

Dan waved the waiter over and placed their standard order, which was delivered quickly.

“Fi,” he eased as he took a bite of his rockfish.

Looking up from her parmesan trout, which was the reason they’d chosen Ebbitt, she gave him his smile.

“You wanna talk about Kauai?”

“Not going without you unless I absolutely have to,” she defied. Her hands roved protectively over her midsection as if she was willing Halia to ease up.

“I know, sweetheart. What I don’t quite know is what absolutely have to means,” Dan whispered. A couple a few tables over seemed far too interested in their conversation.

Fionna glanced their way and sighed. “Somehow, I thought when I quit the Angels I’d no longer have stalkerish fans,” she spoke through her teeth.

“Want me to take you somewhere else?”

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been craving this trout all day and we’re right across from the hospital. Just ignore them.”

“Here.” Dan edged his chair closer to his wife effectively blocking her from view with the broad width of his back and might of his shoulders.

Fionna beamed. “Always my shield.”


“Adeline has explained it to me a few different ways and she does kind of keep going back and forth.”

“I think we may be seeing a bit of her inexperience,” Dan sighed.

“I still think she’s the best. But she’s worried about the scar tissue the most. After that she’s worried the contractions and stress on my body will elevate my rhythms and blood pressure to a point that it could be dangerous. If either of those things happen, I will go on to Kauai but right now, I’m out with my husband and this fish is amazing and I’m so, so good.”

“All right. If you’re good, I’m good. But…” he opened his right hand and lifted his eyebrows.

She laid her left hand in his palm. He summoned a light shield around her and made a quick draw. Her rhythms were indeed steady and calm.

“See.” She gave him that sassy smirk that always managed to speak directly to his groin.

Dan cleared his throat and ordered the blood flowing through his body to redirect to the head on his shoulders instead of the one below his belt. “Tell me about this class we’re taking.”

“It’s called The Innate Childbirth. The description reminded me a little of Kauai and Tutu. I miss them both so much I didn’t even look at the other classes so I hope it’s good.” She wrinkled her nose.

“Innate, huh?” Dan wondered exactly what that meant but her confession that she missed Kauai and her grandmother two seconds after insisting she didn’t want to go without him was far more interesting to him. A countdown to fall break began in his mind. In just a few weeks he could take all of his girls back to their island.

“It’s supposed to involve both the father and the mother in the birthing process,” she explained.

“Good. I want to know how to cast you through it so this doesn’t have to hurt you.”

Leaning around her own belly, she brushed a kiss on his cheek. “Pretty sure it’s going to hurt but thank you for wanting that.”

The woman who’d taken an overt interest in Fionna that had been seated at the table nearby waddled over. She was the precise shape of an overly ripe tomato and her bright red hair and wind-pricked cheeks only added to the effect.

Startled, both Dan and Fionna turned towards the woman. Her eyes were wide and her lips pursed like she’d just licked a sour lemon. “Well, you’re Fionna Styler! I’ve been trying to find someone who’ll give me your phone number but everyone at the hospital is so hush hush.”

Irritation and gall chaffed under Dan’s skin.

 “Uh…?” The clank of Fionna’s fork on her plate punctuated her irritated huff. “I’m Fionna Vindico, actually.”

“Oh right, right, right, well,” the woman tsked, “I’m Linda Barge!” she declared loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Fionna supplied.

Linda nodded. “I saw your name on the Georgetown registry for the same birthing class that we’re taking tonight.” Dan ground his teeth. This woman was entirely too excited about this.

“Oh… great,” Fionna sighed.

Dan glanced around the restaurant for the woman’s husband but didn’t notice anyone fitting the bill. “I thought I should come and tell you that you really just cannot be eating fish. It’s dangerous for your little girl,” she huffed pompously.

Dan’s shield pulsed from emerald to red. Fionna patted his hand trying to soothe him discreetly. “This is actually lake trout so it’s freshwater fish- no mercury,” Fionna assured.

Linda’s eyes narrowed in indignation. “Well,” she offered a fake chuckle. “I told Bob that we wouldn’t be having fried catfish anymore with our little Aakerman Robert on the way.”

Dan and Fionna shared a slight grin trying not to laugh. “Catfish is also safe for pregnant women,” Fionna informed her.

Unable to even hear her, Linda continued, “I always tell Bob you never know about those places that don’t fry their fish. What if it isn’t cooked?” Linda spat all over Fionna in her exuberance.

Fionna nearly gagged as she backed away. Linda went on. “I wanted to tell you that I went ahead and added your name to the nursing seminar after classes on Thursdays. I noticed that you hadn’t registered,” she explained sounding like she’d just saved Fionna’s life and should be dually rewarded.

Fionna’s eyes goggled at Dan. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. “Why would you sign Fionna up for anything?” he demanded furiously. “You don’t even know us!”

Linda huffed, “Mr. Vindico, you should be thanking me. Spots in the nursing class fill up quickly.”

“Ms. Barge, I won’t be attending the nursing class but thank you for your concern… I guess.” Fionna stunned confusedly.

“Dear aren’t you concerned about nipple confusion?” Linda clicked her mouth.

Dan’s tried to envision what on earth nipple confusion might be.

“Not really,” Fionna assured with a slight eye roll. His mind still wondering about nipple confusion, Dan was absolutely certain he could pick out Fionna’s nipples in a line up. They were just as perfect and luscious as the rest of her, and certainly were two of his favorite things to have his mouth or hands on, but he had no idea what that would mean for Halia.

“Well… will you be attending the co-sleeping seminar on Saturday?” Linda demanded.

Drawing a deep steadying breath, Fionna grasped Dan hand and pulled calm from him, until a semblance of a smile returned. “The only person I will be co-sleeping with, Mrs. Barge, is my husband, but thank you for thinking of me.”

Drawing herself up and puckering her mouth further, Linda Barge spewed, “Well I feel certain that once your little precious arrives you’ll actually begin to understand that you’re a real mother now! And then, you’ll be wishing you’d taken all of these classes!”

Fionna erupted. “Am I to take that to mean that, according to you, I wasn’t a real mother before now? Did my seven-year-old fail to make me a real mother because I didn’t give birth to her? Is that it?”

“Fi,” Dan tried to soothe but she’d clearly had enough.

“Let me tell you something!” she roared. Dan grimaced as the entire restaurant turned their direction. “I was a mother the moment I signed Aida’s adoption papers. And whether or not I nurse, or bottle feed, or work, or stay home, or sleep with my girls, or with my husband, or eat fish, or sign my babies up for football, cheerleading, hula, and softball while they play their violins and pianos and then sell cheese for the PTA on the side none of that makes me a mother! I don’t like you, go away,” Fionna commanded furiously.

Dan almost doubled over laughing certain that was the cruelest thing his baby had ever uttered to someone she’d just met.

Linda looked appalled and Dan regained his composure. “My wife asked you to leave,” he growled ominously.

“Well… I never.” Linda spun on her heel and stomped out of the restaurant. She raced into a man that Dan assumed was her waiting husband on the sidewalk.

Blood pooled violently in Fionna’s cheeks as Dan gazed at her adoringly. “Can I ask you something, baby?” he soothed.

She nodded but was either on the verge of hysterical laughter or horrified tears. “What the hell is nipple confusion?”

That did it. She laughed until she cried.

“Oh my gosh. I feel terrible I said that to her.” Fionna wiped her eyes. “I’ve never told anyone I didn’t like them.”

Dan wrapped his arms around her, letting her hide in him. He considered his words very carefully. “You’ve been under a lot of pressure lately.”

“You think I’ve gone insane,” she whimpered.

Certain that hormonal fits of rage were completely normal, Dan assured her that he did not think she was insane. “I think you’re adorable.”

“People do that to me all the time,” she fussed. Her breath shuddered from her fury and her tears. “You know, like they think they know me because they came to an Angel’s challenge four seasons ago. So, that must mean that I want to hear all of their opinions about pregnancy and children.”

“I know. I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself.”

Linda returned suddenly grabbed two Styrofoam take-away boxes from her table that had been forgotten, and made another dramatic exit with her nose in the air.

         After finishing their meal and leaving a generous tip, Dan and Fionna walked hand in hand to Georgetown, which was only a few blocks away. They stopped by the car to get the pillows and Fionna’s yoga mats that they’d been instructed to bring.

 “If you want to nurse, and pump and use bottles, or use formula sometimes then the baby can get kind of confused and stop nursing because bottles are easier to use or something like that,” Fionna explained as they moved through the D.C. sidewalks. “Not everyone believes that but...” she shrugged.

“Even little boys?” Dan asked, effectively cracking his wife up again.

Fionna’s lip protruded adorably as they made their way into the hospital and she remembered that the Barges were going to be in class with them.

Adeline spotted them in the hallway. “Oh, are you here for Medio Lenson’s class?” she urged excitedly.

“Yeah, I’m kind of nervous,” Fionna admitted. Adeline gave her a reassuring smile. “Don’t be nervous she’s great, but she won’t be here tonight. Her daughters on the third floor giving birth. I’m not sure who they have covering for her but I’m sure she’ll be back for Thursday’s class. But class or no class you’re going to do great, Fionna.” She may not have a tremendous amount of experience but Dan was certain there wasn’t a better Medio.

Heading into an auditorium, they viewed other couples taking seats near the front of the room. Linda and Bob were already seated near three other couples. Linda was whispering heatedly and Fionna received scowls as Dan led her to a pair of chairs as far away as he could get her from Linda.

The couple seated in front of them turned and smiled. “I’m Scott Abrams and this is my wife Lisa,” the man introduced offering Dan his hand with a kind smile.

Returning the gesture Dan grinned. “I’m Dan Vindico and this is my wife Fionna,” he offered politely.

“When are you due?” Lisa gave Fionna a kind smile. Dan felt Fionna’s internal shield began to ease away. Whatever emotion she was reading off of Lisa, she began to relax.

“Towards the end of November.”

“Oh, me too.” Lisa looked thrilled with that information. She studied Fionna for a moment and then seemed to decide to go on, “I know it’s probably really weird or annoying that people you don’t even know, know so much about you,” she eased hesitantly. “I swear I’m not one of those crazy fans that wants to stalk you or whatever,” she explained as Fionna chuckled, “But I really was so sorry to hear about everything that happened last spring. We’re huge Angel fans so I’m both thrilled you’re here, and devastated that we lost the best Receiver in the realm,” Lisa gushed.

“Oh, thank you for saying that.” Fionna looked truly touched. “You’re gonna make me cry.”

“See, honey, you’re not the only one,” Scott teased his wife.

Lisa rolled her eyes. “He came home from work yesterday and I was sobbing because I watched one of those under privileged child sponsorship commercials,” she admitted.

“Fi cried when she saw those before she was pregnant.” Dan kissed the side of her head as he pulled her close making everyone laugh.

“Are you coming to the co-sleeping seminar on Saturday?” Lisa asked. Fionna’s face fell instantly.

“Oh… um… no, I don’t really want to do that,” she confessed hesitantly.

Dan pulled her closer.

“I’m not sure I want to either,” Lisa offered. “I just thought we’d come and learn about it. It’s not like one way’s better than another. I think you have to do what works for you and your family.”

Before more questions could be asked, a woman dressed entirely in a green leotard with black leggings and gauzy scarves fluttered into the room performing spins and leaps as she moved to the temporary podium. Dan and Scott shared a concerned expression while Fionna and Lisa looked bewildered.

“Good Evening, little mommies and daddies of the Realm,” she sang. “Or as I shall now call you for the rest of our time together, my gallant stamens with anthers so fierce, and delicate but mighty pistil stigmas.” Dan fought the urge to let his head fall into his hands as the woman continued.  “Now, Medio Lensen has gone to grandmother a little flower of her garden and I’ve been called to present you a class on alternative childbirths for your consideration. If you would like to consider using my methods of bringing more flowers into your own gardens, my classes are here each Wednesday night and at sunrise on Saturday mornings,” the woman projected.

Suddenly, she formed herself into a tight ball on the stage area. Squatting but remaining on her feet which were bare. “You may call me Lotus,” she announced as she began slowly standing and extending her arms up and out.

“What the actual fuck?” Dan huffed under his breath as Fionna bit her lips together to keep from guffawing.

“For I am the gardener who will bring your blooms to fruition after our stamens with anthers so fierce have fertilized and ripened the seed,” she continued keeping her voice in a low echo.

“Dude, what the hell is an anther?” Scott leaned back to whisper to Dan.

As Lotus stood, she twirled around and then leapt dramatically off of the stage. Certain that she meant to land on her feet Dan tried not to crack up as she missed the mark slightly and stumbled into an empty chair.

“Now, let us begin by examining our beautiful flowers.”

“I am not doing that in here,” Fionna whispered as she and Dan bit back laughter. Lotus moved to a large box and emerged with a life sized plastic replica of the female reproductive organs. There was a pull string on the side.

“Honey, I think you may need to go back and see the Medio, your string is missing,” Scott teased as Lisa and Fionna guffawed.

To everyone’s shock, Lotus tilted the model upwards and began pulling the string which served to open cervix. She glided around the room saying, “Hello, this is how your flower will open to allow your bud to blossom,” to each and every couple. She spoke through the model looking down from what would be a woman’s waist through the uterus, cervix, and vagina. It was the most disturbing puppet show Dan had ever witnessed. Fionna was horrified as Lotus pulled the string repeatedly pretending that the model was talking to her as she informed the class that Fionna’s flower had accepted Dan’s pollen even after her well reported miscarriage.

Lotus returned to the front of the room. Dan tried to determine how noticeable it would be if he and Fionna ran from the room screaming.

“Now, let us begin our journey from seed to the glory of full bloom by going around the room and telling everyone your names and the story of your fertilization,” Lotus urged with a replete smile.

“Get up. We’re leaving,” Dan grasped Fionna’s hand. Giving him bewildered glares,

Fionna shook her head. “We can’t just leave,” she pled under her breath.

“We are not telling everyone in this room how we conceived!” Dan demanded hotly.

“I’m sure that’s not what she meant.”

During their distraction, Lotus had decided to begin with the Barges.

“Yes, well, my name is Linda Barge, and this is my husband Bob Barge. We own Bob Barge Used Cars and Automotive.” Linda beamed proudly.

“Let us call him the mighty anther,” Lotus guided.

“Oh… uh… well… okay,” Linda looked momentarily confused. “This is my mighty anther Bob Barge,” she corrected.

Fionna’s hand flew to her mouth in effort to keep from choking as Dan shook his head. Bob who was almost a head shorter than Linda appeared to have no neck. His entire being glowed red from being called her mighty anther.

“And how did Bob the mighty anther fertilize Linda’s receptacle and her delicate stigma?” Lotus urged.

“She has got to be kidding,” Fionna pled.

“I’m not entirely certain I understand.” Linda glanced around the room.

“But… I don’t know exactly when..” Lisa panicked as she whispered pleadingly to Scott.

“Honey, this is insane we’re not telling people that,” he tried to console.

“Tell us, dear cockscomb, when did you allow the mighty anther to penetrate your garden?” Lotus urged in a breathy sigh.

“Fionna!” Dan demanded in a fervent whisper. Before Fionna could respond Lotus was upon them.

“It seems that Anther Bob and Stamen Linda wish to remain inside of their garden walls. So, my delicate Moon Orchid, tell us how you were implanted when you allowed your mighty anther to fertilize your tiny budding seed.”

Unable to speak, Fionna sat in the chair shaking her head trying to formulate words.

“Introduce your flower, mighty anther,” Lotus turned to Dan.

“No,” Dan spat.

“Dan!” Fionna cringed.

Rolling his eyes, he drew a deep breath. “I’m Dan Vindico and this is my wife Fionna.”

“This is your flower, Anther Dan,” Lotus corrected.

With an audible huff, Dan narrowed his eyes. “Yeah, she doesn’t self-fertilize and I’ve never watered her so I’m gonna go with wife.”

Scott and Lisa began laughing. Fionna was horrified and slinking down further in her chair. Ignoring his quip, Lotus continued. “And mighty Anther Dan tell us how your anther and stamens have brought your delicate Moon Orchid to bloom.”

Abject fury coursed through his veins. Dan tried desperately to keep his temper at bay. “I do not have a moon orchid,” he snapped, “I have a wife named Fionna and I will not be sharing anything about how we became pregnant as that is between she and I and no one else.”

Lotus gave a disapproving tisk as she moved to Lisa and Scott. “And how about your garden story, my delicate Peruvian lily?” she urged Lisa.

“Uh,” Lisa began to hyperventilate.

“I’m Scott Abrams,” Scott stepped in to try and save his wife. “This is my wife, Lisa.”

“Tell us when you plucked Lisa’s blooms and brought your garden to fruition,” Lotus sang.

“Let’s see here. I’d just gotten my license and we were in her dad’s golf cart.” Scott laughed.

“Scott!” Lisa shrieked.

Dan doubled over laughing. Winking at his wife, Scott shook his head. “I think we’re gonna join the Vindicos and go with, we’ll be keeping that between myself and my Peruvian Lily.”

“So many secretive gardens this evening. For we must open our garden gates if we want to embrace the natural way for our garden to expand. Does no one want to share their germination story,” she urged the group at large. No one seemed interested in going over their conception so eventually Lotus moved on.  

“The first thing we’ll be going over this evening will be what I call flower visualization birthing,” Lotus chanted. She began moving around the room with her arms in the air, fingers tensed wide, waving her hands together and then apart rapidly. “Close your eyes delicate stigmas. Envision your pistils fluxing and releasing, fluxing and releasing, as you birth your little orchids. Pain comes from lack of visualization. Picture your flower producing and filling the world,” she gained fervor.

Fionna stared in wide eyed confusion as women in the room began letting their eyes close hesitantly.

“Picture the mighty anther upon you pounding, and germinating, pushing, and tending your soil pulling and urging your bloom. You are bringing to fruition the next bud of the celestial garden of our Mother Earth,” she announced in a dreamy orgasmic lull.

“Fionna,” Dan hissed pleadingly.

“You see my blooming pistils,” Lotus soothed. “We must envision our tiny buds pouring forth from our bodies. There is no pain. There is no stress or tension. We must remove the weed of contention and fear from our garden and embrace birth just as the sun awakens our blooms and our mighty anthers prod our seeds. For it is natural and beautiful. Pain means that your garden has not been properly weeded of apprehension,” Lotus declared while standing in front of the assembled class holding her arms out lifted towards the ceiling. “Now, my delicate pistils, we will begin birth rehearsal imagery,” she commanded. “Allow your mighty anthers to guide you towards the sun and find a gardening space around our fertile fields.” She gestured her hands out to the auditorium at large.

“Fi, baby, please. This is insane,” Dan pled under his breath.

“Dan, that Bob Barge Used Cars woman already has half the class thinking I’m a total bitch. I can’t just leave,” Fionna begged. “Take me to the damned garden or whatever she just said.”

“This is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever shoveled. I’ll say that!” Dan helped Fionna up and they joined Lisa and Scott as they spread out towards the back of the room. 

“Now, my dear cockscomb, would you and your mighty anther join me here in the epicenter of our garden?” Lotus urged Bob and Linda to the center of the couples.

Lotus produced what appeared to be a plastic tube. As Dan studied it closer her noted that it was in the shape of a flower bulb. It had a large opening on both ends.

“Now, my cockscomb, we will simulate the birth of our new blossom,” Lotus announced grandly. 

Linda looked extremely proud to have been selected as the example. Dan choked back hysterical laughter as Lotus handed the tube flower to Linda Barge. “Place this on your anther’s head for he will be our ripening bloom,” she instructed.

Before Bob could argue, Linda promptly pulled the representation of a woman’s uterus and cervix over her husband’s head. It became stuck near his ears. Dan pulled his cell phone immediately and snapped a photo winking at Fionna. She tried to turn her giggles into coughing without much success.  “If she doesn’t leave you the hell alone, Jeff and I are putting this up on Bob Barge’s Used Cars website- on every freaking page,” Dan vowed only making Fionna laugh harder.

“Now, my burgeoning blooms, I would like for you and your mighty anthers to help us arrange our bouquets,” Lotus urged. “Mighty anthers, please move behind your pistils.”

Liking the idea of having his wife in his arms, Dan moved behind Fionna wrapping his arms over her swell and kissing her cheek sweetly. She beamed and laid her head back on his shoulder, letting him cradle her.

That moment of complete contentment always astonished him. It never seemed to matter where they were. If she was beside him, he was happy.

“Now, delicate pistil, we will allow our mighty anthers to enliven our flowers so that our buds may pour forth for his garden,” Lotus performed a cart wheel in the middle of the classroom. “Once your stigma has been stimulated and fertilized by your anther, you are a blossom of beauty about to give birth. Visualize, visualize, visualize, there is no pain only deep rapturous pleasure,” she sang. “We will practice allowing our mighty anthers to speak to our womb to encourage our opening so that our flower may burst forth!”

With that, Lotus dropped to her knees and began speaking between a bewildered looking woman’s legs.

“Fi baby this woman is either high or she’s insane either way she needs to seek medical help,” Dan whispered in Fionna’s ear as he kept his head near her cheek. He felt her bump shake slightly as she began giggling.

“If you’ll let me take you home, I will go by Mae’s and get you a milkshake, any flavor you want. Then, I will put you in our bed and I will show you how I stimulate your flower, and I will bring you rapturous pleasure. I swear, baby. No audience necessary. Please.”

Fionna’s entire body was shaking from her trying desperately not to laugh out loud. Lotus moved to Fionna and she stopped laughing abruptly. Dan narrowed his eyes. The woman needed to be planted in a blooming mental institution. 

“Delicate moon orchid and Anther Dan please move to the garden epicenter,” she directed. Fionna looked horrified but she led Dan to the center of the room. “Now, Anther Dan, your moon orchid will lean forward,” Lotus placed her hands on Fionna’s shoulders and pulled her forward at the waist.

“Get your hands the fuck off of my wife,” Dan growled.

Fionna looked back from her bent position shooting him a pleading glare.

“Mighty anther, place your hands on your wife’s waist,” Lotus grasped Dan’s wrists. He had to concisely remember not to throw his shield from his wrists which would have knocked Lotus off of her blossom. “Now, you will massage and stimulate your wife’s peduncle,” she gestured to Fionna’s lower back. “And rub and ripen her petals,” Lotus urged.

Dan’s eyes goggled as Lotus motioned for Dan to begin rubbing Fionna’s ass in front of twelve other couples. Not to mention the fact that he was standing behind Fionna who was bent over. His crotch was right in front of what Dan was certain was a portion of heaven, making it an extremely uncomfortable position when there were prying eyes.

Fionna shot upwards. Her face was now glowing crimson. “Honey, I don’t feel well. Maybe we should go,” Fionna lied relatively well.

Dan grabbed her hand. “Come on, baby,” he half jerked her forward.

“Oh dear, moonbeam. Allow me to blossom your petals towards the sun for they will heal your discomfort,” Lotus immediately vowed. “Anther Dan, perhaps help dear moon orchid to recline in a comfortable position whilst you rub and ripen her perineum. This is an area that can be massaged during your bud’s emergence to guide your flower to fruition” she gushed excitedly.

Fionna’s mouth hung open as Dan tried to convince himself that the woman had not just instructed him to massage Fionna there in front of the class. “Anther Dan, the perineum is the flower pedal between your moon orchid’s vagina and her...” she began. Dan convulsed, “I’m well aware of where everything is located on my wife. We are leaving.”  

“You mustn’t be afraid to ripen your moon orchid.” Lotus shook her head.

“Now,” Dan growled.

“Alas moon orchid and Anther Dan. Class let us wave to our garden blooms as they are plucked and exit our garden.” Lotus began waving her arms in front of her, simulating the wind. “Be the wind class,” she instructed as other couples began mimicking the wind with their arms. “Good bye, Moon Orchid, good bye, good bye” she sang as Dan and Fionna raced out the door.

As soon as they’d made their escape, Fionna collapsed against Dan laughing uproariously. “Oh my God!” She wiped away tears from her guffawing.

“If that’s the best Georgetown has, then I will deliver Halia,” Dan sneered.

Shaking her head, Fionna tried to breathe. “I was there when Malani had little Lanie and when Amber had Jensen. I don’t care how much you visualize and weed your garden, it hurts, really, really bad,” Fionna declared adamantly.

 They exited the hospital hand in hand still stunned over their evening.

“Does this mean I shouldn’t scream out oh Anther Dan, oh Anther Dan, when you bring me to fruition tonight?” Fionna goaded as Dan cranked the Ferrari.

Reveling in his wife’s laughter he shook his head. “Whatever you want, Moon Orchid.” 

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