The Gifted Realm: Academy - Volume 1

Chapter 63 - Apart

Saturday came much too quickly. Dan forced away the impending loneliness as he packed his suitcase. He’d set Fi up a Skype account on her laptop and there would be Facetime so they could see each other. But most of her recent memories of video chatting involved Chancellor Wilshire and Mentor Bryant so she hadn’t been all that enthused. Aida was excited to try it though. 

“And you’ll call as soon as you land?” Fionna was refolding all of Dan’s shirts that he’d already packed and pacing around their cottage. Dan grabbed her hands, tossed the shirt she was working on away, and drew her to him.

“Fi, baby, please. Deep breaths for me. You know I will call you constantly. I will miss you so much I’m sick to think about leaving in the morning. But we have to do this for Halia, okay?” Releasing her hands, he rubbed his own over her bump. “For tonight, try to relax for me. I want to spend my last night here taking care of you and just being together. Let’s think about tomorrow, tomorrow.”

After dropping Aida off at Papa and Tutu’s and assuring her repeatedly that they would spend the whole morning together, Dan helped Fionna up into Papa’s truck that they were borrowing for the evening. 

That afternoon, he’d snuck into Fionna’s suitcase and removed an item he planned to make use of that evening while she’d settled on the couch with a cup of her favorite Kauai-an coffee. She’d been trying hard not to pout as she let the warm liquid console her. The rest of the items he needed he’d acquired from Tutu and Malani. 

“I’m not even going to think about tomorrow. I’m just going to pretend that it’s not happening,” she announced as Dan cranked the truck. 

“Good girl.” Dan lifted her hand to his mouth and brushed a kiss between her knuckles. “My entire goal of this evening is to make you forget everything.” He flirted shamelessly but the delighted grin on her face gave him hope.

He made his first stop at the taco stand that sold their favorite fish tacos. Getting a large to-go order, he guided her back into the truck and drove her much further out on the island.

“Where are we going, Mr. Vindico?” Her smirk said she’d already figured him out. 

“I have a feeling you already know, Maylea but if you’ll wait a few minutes, you’ll see.” 

He pulled up to the cottage he’d rented on their wedding night, thrilled that her energy lilted towards happiness as she gazed up at the villa where they’d made their baby girl. Three weeks did sound like forever. He couldn’t deny that but he’d screwed up yet again and now he was going to have to pay. He couldn’t leave Jeff and Becca at Venton alone.

“How ‘bout we see just how long we can make this night last?” He whispered as he guided her up to the rustic, romantic villa. 

Guiding her into his lap, they watched the sun set over the bluffs of North Shore while they ate. Both pretending that they could hide away from the reality of the world, they talked about moving back to Kauai when the school year was over, about Aida, about their little Halia, and the night they’d made her. 

“What are you going to do while we’re here?” she asked. 

He certainly already knew what her weeks would contain while he was back in D.C. She’d be in her grandparents thorough care and spending the time bonding with their girls.

“Portwood’s going to make a show at Venton. He’s opening the test vault up as an official Iodex investigation. He let the hacker from Tech plea his way out in exchange for agreeing to keep in contact with whoever is framing Jeff. The hope is the guy will lead Portwood to the kids causing this insanity. I’ll be there early Monday for that. Then I plan on getting lots of work done because once you get home, baby, I don’t want to work. I want to spend every moment with you and very, very soon I’m going to be a daddy again. So, I need to make certain that Jeff isn’t in any danger before Princess Halia makes her much anticipated debut.” 

Fionna laughed. It was the most precious sound coupled with the most beautiful face in the entire world. He was certain.

“After Jeff gets off work, he’s coming over and we’re going to try to cram his senior year into a few week’s time. Becca still hasn’t been cleared to return to school so her mom’s taking another week off to stay with her, and Dad’s agreed to having her school work sent to her to complete at home. And I’ll spend most of my time counting down the minutes until I pick my girls up from the airport.”

“Landon and Garrett both said they’d hang out with you one night,” she reminded him.  

“Not certain how much fun I’ll be. Plus, I have to help Jeff. The faster we can get him and Becca out of Venton the better.”

 “Something besides leaving us for a week is bothering you,” she stated knowingly. 

He’d thought her ability to read him had been incredible before she’d been pregnant with his baby. Now that half of his Gifted DNA was growing inside of her, it was uncanny how she knew his every thought. Knowing that part of him would be with her while he was away brought him a great deal of comfort.

“I’m forgetting to remember something,” he quoted Aida’s redundant declaration for whenever something slipped her mind. Fionna leaned and brushed a kiss across Dan’s jaw line.

“Something important?” she quizzed.

“I don’t think so. Something at work. Probably a meeting I forgot to load into my calendar. There’s something going on this week I just can’t remember what, but I’m not terribly worried about it.” 

“You’ll remember when you get there Monday.” She cuddled against him, a sensation he wished he could bottle. He didn’t want to think about work or their upcoming weeks apart anymore. He wanted to drown himself in her and to feel her erotic energy surrounding and encompassing him. He wanted to make love with her for hours until they collapsed in each other’s arms and cocooned away from the rest of the world. 

Reading that emotion as well, she lifted her head and licked her lips. Anticipation surged through her rhythms. “Are we going to recreate our wedding night?” 

Kissing the top of her head, Dan inhaled. The sultry island scent of coconut and vanilla that seeped from her pores filled his lungs. 

“No, baby.” His heart picked up pace. “I was too damn horny that night. I’d been without you too long.” He brushed her hair behind her shoulders and let his hands trail up her arms. “You had me spun so damn tight I nearly lost it all just watching you come for me in the bathtub.” Her breaths dissolved into shallow pants. “I hurt for you, baby. Wanted to own you too fucking badly. I plan to make up for that tonight,” he growled. She began to writhe in his arms. “Tonight, is all about you. I’m gonna make you drip and ache for me. A pain only I can make better. I have so many plans for you tonight, before you make me feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.” Peppering kisses down her neck to the hollow of her collarbone, he inhaled her fragrance there, where it was even stronger. He dragged his teeth over the sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder blade. 

“Oh God,” Fionna gasped. Her breaths eluded her as her body pulsed in need. Her eyes were dark and hungry. 

“You ready to get started, Mrs. Vindico?” 

He felt the tension and the fear slip away as she began to let him own her, to let him soothe her and tend to her every need for the next several hours. 

Dan took her hand and guided her to the bed inside the chalet. He’d already arranged candles all over the small cottage. He summoned fire into his hand and lit them as they passed by. 

“You’re wearing way too much, sweetheart,” he whispered as he began to slowly strip her out of the sundress she’d fixed around her bump. 

A shiver worked through her as his hands moved over her soft skin. He traced his fingers in delicate patterns up her bump and then over her breasts, getting her ready for the next portion of their evening.

“Lay down on your side for me.” He guided her to the bed. He wanted to take away every fear, be everything she needed, to consume her, and let her push away the morning light in the ecstasy of the two of them together. 

When she reclined, Dan slathered his hands in the coconut and kukui oil he rubbed all over her belly every night. Starting at her neck, he worked his hands over her soft supple skin. He massaged inch by inch, adding to the intensity slowly as he rubbed away the tension and the heartache of his leaving. He worked diligently down her back keeping his hands covered in oil and gliding them over her luscious curves.

She gave furtive moans and her body would writhe under his pliant touch. He let her feel his cock pulse against her back. A desperate groan quaked from her as she reached for his throbbing erection but he caught her hand.

“Not yet, baby. Relax for me. Let it build,” he commanded. Desperate desire darkened her eyes. 

He let his hands slide over her gorgeous ass but didn’t linger there much to her chagrin. With a cocky smirk, he continued on to her feet as he joined her on the bed.

“Roll on your back for me, sweetheart.” Her feet perpetually hurt so he spent a great deal of time easing the muscles here as well. When her entire body was languid and her eyes were closed, he moved on, pushing his hands up her calves, working out the strain here as well. 

Teasing her, he massaged her inner thighs and slowly traced over her mound. A shuddering moan escaped her as her eyes begged him to keep his hands on her lips instead of returning them to her legs. But driving her to distraction was part of his plan that evening. 

“You enjoy torturing me, Mr. Vindico,” she sassed defiantly. 

“With pleasure? Yes. But I’ll make it feel so good when I finally give in and bury myself inside of you,” he promised making her body writhe again. Her back arched as she spread her legs further desperate for him to soothe her need. 

“You showing me where to touch, baby doll?” he growled as he slid his hands to her inner thighs massaging her heatedly but giving her no reprieve from his torturous moves. 

“I’m gonna take good care of you, sweetheart. Can you be patient for me?” He worked her thighs until they were relaxed and he could spread them easily. With a quick move he dipped his fingers into the Ohia Lehue lubricant before he slid two fingers outside of her slit. She went wild just as he’d known she would.

He’d spent the last hour hot wiring her body for him. As he finally touched the very heart of her, she vibrated in need and pent up desire from the lightest caress. He drew tender patterns over her mound, watching it throb in a pulsing rise of tightly wired nerve endings that needed to be soothed. 

He slid his hands to her breasts. They were fevered and swollen with raw craving. He grasped them firmly, lifting their weight in his hands, giving her relief as he groped. 

With his first light twist and pinches to her nipples, he watched his beautiful wife convulse in her need to be filled full of him. 

“You’ve been a good girl for me, baby,” he growled. Her body contorted under his hands. “I’m going to touch you now. Are you ready for me?”

“Oh God, please,” she begged in need acute to the point of pain. 

With that, he slowly traced his hands down her body and then separated her lips until he could see the pink pulsing flesh aching for his touch. He slowly edged his index finger just in her opening. She couldn’t remain still. The sensations were too much, her need too great. 

Giving in, he slipped two fingers inside of her forcing a powerful orgasm from her almost instantly. She’d waited long enough. Continuing his build, he dipped his left hand in the lubricant keeping his right hand working her over from the inside out. With his left he lightly traced her clit watching her back arch off of the bed as her energy spilled out all around him in heady waves of pent up desire. 

As she shook from the power of the climax, he grabbed the item he’d borrowed from her luggage. Her eyes were closed as she reveled in the power of what he’d forced from her body. Working quickly, he flipped Fionna’s favorite vibrator to its lowest setting and heat casted it with his hand. 

“There you go, baby.” He held the vibrator against her clit and kept his fingers working over her G-spot. 

“Oh my… God,” she gasped as she began to claw the sheets underneath her.

“Feels good doesn’t it, honey?” He watched her entire body respond to the overwhelming sensations he wrought. “My good girl is so fucking sexy. I’m about to pound into you, honey.” He warned as another climax hovered on the periphery.

“I know it feels good, baby, but not nearly as good as I’m gonna feel when I fill you full.” He watched her body writhe in perpetual ecstasy and her head shake back and forth as she allowed him to own her fully. 

Simply unable to wait any longer, Dan tossed the vibrator to the bed, pausing a split second to stop its rhythmic pulses. He grabbed Fionna’s thighs and braced her calves against his shoulders as he spread her legs and pierced through her forcefully. 

“Take it, baby. Take it like my good girl,” he ordered as he watched himself plunge her depths and then withdraw slightly coated in the heavenly liquid he elicited from her body. He transitioned until he was taking her hard and fast as she screamed out for relief and called his name repeatedly. 

“That’s it. Tell me who you belong to. Tell me who’s going to let you come,” he commanded as she continued to encase him in her utter perfection. “I want you to come for me again and then I’m gonna fill you full of me.” She lost it all once more.

“Such a good girl comes when I tell her to,” he growled and then with one final, ragged thrust, he lost it all, filling her full. He forced their energy to spin in one constant stream that wrapped all around them. 

Falling to the bed in utter exhaustion, he eased her onto his chest as he gasped for breath. 

“I’m still going to be smiling like this next Saturday night,” Fionna giggled in replete satisfaction. 

“That was my goal,” Dan teased as he settled her tenderly in his arms. “I love you, Maylea.” He kissed her hair, moist around the edges from all he’d done.

“I love you, too,” she vowed. She fought the exhaustion but he set his shield firmly in place over her and watched her fall fast asleep wrapped up in his protective love. 

They stayed lip locked for a solid five minutes as Dan heard the last boarding call for the flight to D.C. 

“Just a few weeks. I love you so much.” He glanced at Malani who’d come to the airport with a full box of tissues. Being lifelong best friends with a powerful Receiver had left her prepared. Dan lifted Aida into his arms and squeezed her tightly.

“I will take care of Mommy and baby Halia. I showed Mommy how we could put x’s on the calendar to count down until we get to come home,” she promised Dan as she blinked back tears of her own. 

“I love you, baby girl, so much,” he choked as he kissed her cheek. 

Setting her down he watched her grasp Fionna’s hand and lay her head against her mother’s arm.

“Bye, Daddy!” She blew him a kiss as he waved good-bye. Watching tears pour down Fionna’s face, he handed the ticket agent his boarding pass certain his heart was being forcefully removed through his rib cage. With one final blown kiss, he boarded the plane home.

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