The Gifted Realm: Academy - Volume 1

Chapter 65 - Dan vs. Sex Ed.

Determined to keep the students off balanced, Dan dove right into the things he was supposed to discuss. “Everyone know what this is?” Dan held up a wrapped condom that he’d been given as part of the curriculum packet. “Condoms,” he answered his own question as he noted a few quizzical stares. “These are available to you for free from many locations on campus. If you decide that you are going to be sexually active either with a woman who is not Gifted or with one who is but isn’t comfortable performing the cast to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, then please, please go and get one or however many you would like. My personal opinion, if any of you care to hear it,” he watched every eye in the room raise, “If you are not man enough to walk into a drug store and purchase yourself a box of these or walk into the clinic here at school and acquire a condom, you are not man enough to be taking anyone to bed.” 

Several young men slithered further down in their seats. 

“Now, I’m going to go over how to put this on. I think we’ll go for a verbal explanation rather than me actually demonstrating this on the model there,” he gestured to the plastic model of the male reproductive organs. “It’s fairly self-explanatory. Just remember to pinch some room at the head before you roll it on. Otherwise, it will break and that can lead to many things that you weren’t planning on thinking about for a while.” 

Defiance formed on a few faces in the center of the room where the Vis Virres Predilects had congregated. A hand shot up. Dan nodded to the gentlemen that had decided to test the waters. “What’s your name?” 

“Brad.” He grinned at a few nearby friends. “What happens if you want her to put it on?” He sneered out his challenge. 

 “Then ask her,” Dan summed. “But make certain if she agrees that she knows how to put it on. If she doesn’t want to help you apply it, do not take that to mean that you shouldn’t use one.” He’d told them he’d answer their questions as long as they were within reason, but they may not like his answers. 

Resolve strengthened around the room and another hand shot up. Steve Abrams, an Ioses junior, seemed to have had to work up a great deal of courage to ask whatever was on his mind. “Yeah, so, I swear I’m not trying to be a jerk or whatever, but it’s gotta be way better without that right? I mean using a condom or whatever. It can’t feel as good.” 

“Trust me, either way feels pretty damn good.” Dan rather enjoyed shocking the class with his verbiage. “And not having an STD or a child that you weren’t planning on having feels excellent. In light of that, I grabbed a few extra from the clinic so take one pass them back.” He handed a full box of condoms to every row.

“I don’t really think I’ll be needing that, and my wife would freak if she found it somewhere,” Jeff pled as Dan handed him the box.

 “You, and only you, have my permission not to take one.” He went on with the lecture. “I’m certain you’ve seen these before, but in case you need a refresher, here are the Gifted male and female store houses of sexual energy.” He opened his laptop and used his hand to project the diagrams up on the large white board. “As I’m certain you know, yours are fairly easy to locate.” He got a few chuckles as everyone settled in. “Not only do females have more, but they are spread out, harder to locate, and a hell of a lot more fun to access if that’s your thing.” Dan quipped wryly. With that, he had them. He watched the young men in the class decide to let down their guards and really listen. 

“For those of you that were hoping I might could offer you some advice, hear me loud and clear. It doesn’t matter how good you are at locating these storehouses,” he grabbed a pointer and ran it up and down the female form on the board, “If you want to be good in bed, you need to get inside her mind before you get inside her skirt. Figure out what she wants from the experience before you start trying to touch any of these.” 

A serious looking Valeduto predilect raised his hand. Dan gestured for him to go on.

“I suppose I was just wondering,” he hemmed, “Well, I mean especially for those of us in Valeduto that are going into medical professions, we know all about the storehouses and all of that. We’ve been looking at those slides for years now,” he pointed out. Lots of heads began nodding their agreement. “Could we maybe, like skip the whole bees, and pollen, and energy joining talk, and just ask you real questions? Since you’re the first mentor in all six years teaching this class that’s actually willing to talk to us like we have half a brain,” he urged vehemently. 

Excited agreement shot through the room in murmured waves. 

“You do have to take a test on everything we’re supposed to cover next Monday,” Dan warned. 

“If any senior fails the same test they’ve been giving us for the last six years then I think they probably have bigger problems, Mentor Vindico,” another Valeduto student seated near the front urged. 

“Anyone have a problem with veering off the curriculum for a little while?” Dan asked the class at large.

Every head in the room shook back and forth. With a shrug, Dan went to his desk to hold up the stack of scrap paper he’d been given with the curriculum packet. “You wanna do the questions this way where everyone writes one down and I see how many I can get through. Or do you wanna just man up, raise your hand, and ask.”

“I’m not sure we want to man up that much, Mentor Vindico,” Ben Cobson admitted sheepishly. 

“No problem. Take a few each. I’ll get through as many as I can but the rules I gave you for questions at the beginning of class still apply. If I come across one I don’t want to answer, I won’t.”

The scrap paper flew around the room and every student began scribbling.

“All right, first question,” Dan drew a deep breath as he unfolded the slip of paper on top of the pile. Chuckling he read, “What do you say to get a girl you don’t know that well to go back to your place?” The sheer number of times he’d done that very thing swirled ominously in his gut but he went on with his answer. “There is no sure fire answer to this question, gentlemen. But I will say this, if you don’t have any desire to spend all day Saturday doing anything at all that might make her happy then you shouldn’t be trying to get her in your bed on Friday night. So, maybe the way to get her back to your place, should be, ‘Hey, I’d love to see you again next weekend, and the weekend after that, and the weekend after that, and then maybe we could go meet my folks, hang out for a while and then if all goes well we could go back to my place,” Dan offered wryly. 

“Yeah, ‘cause you took Fionna Styler to meet your parents before you took her to meet your sheets.” A scowling senior on the back row vaulted. 

“First of all...” Dan waited on the senior to provide his name. 

“Derrick,” he supplied. 

“Derrick,” Dan spat, “I would appreciate it if you called my wife Mrs. Vindico and you don’t have to like my answers but I’m telling you the truth as I know it from my own experiences.”

He tried not to grimace at the next question. “I guess I promised to try and answer these,” he reminded himself audibly gaining laughter from the class. “How do I get a girl to go down?” Dan held up the paper raising his eyebrows. “Uh, well,” he tried to remove the heavenly sensation and the erotic show Fionna often put on for him from his mind. It was awe-inspiring. He frequently informed her that her tongue should be given awards. “You should most definitely not expect that.” He faltered. The first time Fionna had guided him to the bed in the guest house they were staying in, had arranged herself seductively on her knees, and then proceeded to drink him dry seared through his brain without him being able to stop the memory. He shuddered slightly forcing the erotic imagery from his mind. “How about this?” he went on with the only answer his brain managed to provide. “This may not always be the case. So, don’t hold me or the woman you’re dating to his but the better you treat her outside the bedroom the dirtier it’ll be in the bedroom. If you want a head queen, gentlemen, then she better be your one and only queen in every other aspect of your life, and you need to make certain she knows and feels like she is in fact your princess.”

Abashed laughter echoed around the room as most of the men discreetly continued to write notes. 

Dan moved on to the next question. He sighed. “Maybe you all should get your heads out of your girlfriends’ mouths but this question reads: “If I go down, shouldn’t I get head? No. Not at all. And just for the record, I’ll go ahead and say if this is the way you’re thinking about your sexual experiences, with some sort of tally sheet, then your girlfriend needs to find another guy. One worth having.” 

“Next question: How do I make certain she gets off before I do? Now this is a good question. And it actually pertains to the curriculum, so let’s take a minute with this one. Getting your partner where you want her to be and where she would obviously like to go has a whole lot less to do with these storehouses than you would think.”

 Confused expressions etched most of the faces in the classroom. “She needs to feel something from you before you have your hands on her. This goes back to what I said about her mind before her skirt. Women likely aren’t going to give it all away for you unless you’ve made them feel like they can trust you. Make them feel safe and like you’re not going to sell her out. That what you’re sharing means something to you. She needs to feel like her desires are safe with you and if she doesn’t it’s not likely that she’s going to let you have that moment of bliss where she’s relaxed enough to climax. You have to earn it. And you need to make certain that you deserve that before you try to take it from her. I’ll just add on the heels of those last two questions, if you go into it making her pleasure your only concern, trust me, you’ll be taken care of better than you’ve ever even imagined.” Dan watched intrigue flash in his student’s eyes. 

Opening the next question, he forced himself not to look Jeff’s direction. He’d immediately recognized Jeff’s handwriting but didn’t want to out him. 

Holding up the question for a split second, he read. “You said to figure out what she wants out of the experience before you get into bed. How do you do that?” Dan considered for a moment. “Talk to her. Kiss her. Extend foreplay until you’ve learned something. Really hone in on her energy if she’s Gifted. Note the slight changes when you do different things. Watch for the cues that tell you what she’s wanting. Try to think with the head above your belt line for a little while. This goes back to my saying that maybe you should spend a few weeks or months getting to know each other before you jump into bed. And, if you’ve been together a while, but want to know if there’s anything different she might like, you have to make her feel comfortable enough to discuss it with you. Tell her that you want to know and not to be embarrassed by her own desires. But you have to be mature enough to handle whatever she might tell you.” 

Laughing outright, Dan nodded as he read: “To lube or not to lube, that is the question? This did not come from one of my Ioses guys. That much I can tell you. We just aren’t that poetic,” he quipped, bringing on more laughter. “How about that is between you and the person you’re lubing, but I’d say give it a try. You might like it and more importantly, shemight like it. Again, if you’re not man enough to pick up a bottle at the drug store you’re not man enough to need it.”

He spent the next forty-five minutes answering questions about length of foreplay, vibrators, the pains of the first time for women and how that might be eased, and then refusing a question on anal sex with the excuse that he didn’t get paid enough to answer that. 

He was exhausted by the time he made it back to his office. He’d been thanked profusely by most everyone that had sat through his class. They’d all begged him to continue the question and answer deal the next day. 

Sinking down in his desk chair, he smiled as his cell rang in his pocket. “Good morning, baby.”

“Hey,” Fionna yawned.

“You sleep well, Mrs. Vindico?”

“Kind of, but I miss you,” she fussed adorably.

“I miss you, too. More than I can even tell you.”

“How was your day?” She quizzed. He heard her draw a long sip of her coffee. He could see her still curled up in bed, her hair in loose tangles on her shoulders, her eyes heavy with sleep, her lips pink from her slumber, and her luscious curves wound around the sheets and quilts. He fought the urge to groan. 

“I discussed everything from how to put on a condom to anal sex with seventy-five junior and senior males for the past two hours.”

“I take it it’s Amative Energies week,” Fionna giggled. 


“Aww and I’m not there to be your mentor’s aide.” 

Her flirting made him ache. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll let you help me out with several things when you get home.” 

“Oh, okay, hang on, Dan,” Fionna laughed.

“Hi daddy,” came from the sweetest voice in the world.

“Hey, baby girl, did you just wake up?” 

“Yes, sir. I got to stay up late and watch movies with mommy,” she announced.  

“You did?” He grinned. 

“Yes, and today we’re going to play in the waterfall!” 

The waterfall. Dan let his mind wander as he kept up his end of the conversation with Aida. Fionna at the end of the summer. Him pressing her up against the rock walls of the small waterfall on the farm. Her gorgeous body on full display. Him grasping her hips and burying his need deep within her.  

“I love you, Daddy, and I miss you bunches,” Aida’s vow shook him from his reverie. 

“I love you, too, baby girl.” He drew an X on his desk calendar marking off the day, even if it was only half over.

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