The Gifted Realm: Academy - Volume 1

Chapter 68 - Family Ties

The next day in his Amative Energies class, Dan glanced at his watch between every question.

“Come on, Mentor Vindico, just tell us the wildest sex you ever had,” urged Russ Hampton a Vis Vierres Predilect on the front row. 

Dan shook his head. “Think I’ll keep that between myself and my wife,” he gave them a little something. Laughter and wolf whistles rang around the room.

“Next question,” Dan called as he pulled yet another slip of paper from the pile, “How can I make it last a little longer?” He chuckled. “Put her on top gentlemen. Works every time.” He glanced at the next question. “I will answer this even though you’re clearly trying to get more for your money. If you had to give us three key pieces of advice on making girls think we rock in bed what would it be?” 

Dan hemmed. “I’d say, draw it out. Don’t give in too quickly. You tempt long enough and the build-up will be explosive. Be with her in the moment, whomever she is right then. There are many, many sides to each woman If you try to take care of each of them, she should be very, very happy. Most importantly, be confident. If you act like you know what the hell you’re doing, you can cover a myriad of awkward situations.” 

Laughing, he shook his head at the next question. “Isn’t there something my girlfriend could take or do that would make her a little less bitchy when she’s PMSing?” He chuckled. “Of course, I mean, if men since the dawn of time haven’t come up with anything, I’m sure to know right,” he chided. “Why don’t you try being a little patient if she bites your head off for no reason. For the love of everything good in the world, do not comment on how much she’s eating. She probably feels like hell and most women are in pain for all of that. Running a little heat through your hand and trying to ease the cramps, or just holding her until she feels better are really thoughtful things to do. If all else fails, lay low until it passes. Chocolate will generally at least make her not want to kill you simply because you exist without a uterus and are within arm’s reach,” he teased. “And remember, you can always be replaced and she puts up with all of your crap all the time so....” he drawled his conclusion. 

The bell rang much to Dan’s delight and the disappointment of his students. 

“Daddy!” rang from the front of the class as the door flew open. 

“Aida, wait,” Fionna tried to stop her, but she raced head long into Dan’s arms. 

“Hey, baby girl.” He lifted her up and hugged her fiercely. 

“Sorry,” Fionna cringed as she made her way to Dan. Shifting Aida to his hip, Dan pulled Fionna into his arms, desperate to feel her close to him. 

He ignored the slightly abashed chuckles and the eyebrow waggles being shared by his students as they recalled his earlier comment about the wildest sex he’d ever had. 

“Uh, you can go on. We can do a few more next week after your test if you want,” Dan excused his class. 

Aida turned to look out at the students then immediately tucked her face in Dan’s neck. She was embarrassed to discover that all of his students were smiling at her. 

They began gathering their things and putting away their notes. Dan couldn’t keep his eyes off of his wife. He slid his hand over her bump feeling Halia’s energy as well. 

“I missed you so much.” He pulled her in for a long drawn kiss and didn’t care who was watching. 

“Let’s go home,” Fionna urged. Dan nodded and set Aida down as he packed his laptop. 

“Why are there only boys in your class?” she asked. 

“Normally, I have girls, too. This was a special class.” 

She took Dan’s hand and lead them out of the room. They headed towards Dan’s office. His heart seized and his breath caught in his lungs. He lifted Aida back into his arms and pulled Fionna close. His father and Governor Haydenshire were walking down the corridor with Clarence Pendergrath. 

Fionna’s soothing calm moved through Dan as he shuddered. He looked just like his father only thirty years younger. His months in a prison work camp in Arizona had aged him. He scowled as soon as he saw Dan.

Dan rushed his wife and his little girl into his office and shut the door behind them. 

Fionna’s hands rubbed over her bump and a grin formed on her beautiful face. “Halia knows Daddy’s here, too.” 

Aida reached her hand out to feel Halia kick. 

“Let’s go,” Dan urged. “I want my girls home safe with me.” Fionna raised her eyebrows and shot him a look that said to tone it down. “Sorry, been a rough week.” 

Fionna brushed a tender kiss along his jaw. That was all it took. He wanted her so badly his mouth watered. His pulse begged for her with every beat of his heart. 

Garrett had picked Fionna and Aida up from the airport and had already loaded their luggage in the SUV for Dan. He helped Aida into her pink flower car seat and then quickly drove away from Venton’s campus.

His father had been trying all day to get Dan to talk either about his declaration that he wouldn’t be at Venton the next year or about Clarence. But Dan had brushed him off repeatedly. He wanted to go home. Wanted Fionna to change into sweats and lay beside him on the couch while they watched Supernova with Aida. He wanted to feel Halia respond to his voice and his energy. Wanted to feel his wife’s swollen curves move against him as she drew breath. To simply exist inside their sanctuary and to pretend that the rest of the world was miles from their front door.

Aida began recounting all of her many adventures while they were in Kauai. “And I went with Papa and bought salt from the salt man at Salt Pond. I never even knew you could buy salt there, but that’s why they call it Salt Pond. And then mommy and Tutu used the bunches of salt to make stuff to scrub your skin. Mommy said it will make your skin soft when you touch it. And Tutu made Mommy take lots of baths and she put stuff in there that made Mommy smell like Gingerbread cookies!”

“Cloves,” Fionna supplied.  

“Sounds like you had lots of fun, baby girl.” He brought Fionna’s hand to his mouth and kissed it tenderly. A hungry grin formed on her luscious lips. She wanted him as well. Dan picked up speed on the interstate as he envisioned the things he wanted to do with his wife.

“I had lots of fun, but I missed you so much. Sometimes I woke up and I wanted you. Mommy would come, but I still wanted you,” Aida confessed in a slight choke. Fionna beamed, and Dan was certain his heart couldn’t take many stories like that. 

They spilled out of the car in the driveway. Dan was anxious to get his family inside and begin his weekend. 

“Howdy there, neighbor,” Fred whisked up the driveway carrying a stack of mail he was perusing. Fionna offered a polite smile. 

Dan scowled. “Fred, this is my wife, Fionna and our little girl Aida.” 

“Hi,” Fionna extended her hand. 

“So, I’m finally getting to meet the little lady. I was beginning to think Danny had made you up.” Fred’s eyes made a slow path up Fionna’s long legs and then lingered entirely too long of her swollen cleavage. Dan stepped between his wife and their new neighbor. 

“I picked up your mail for you.” Fred seemed to have to shake himself forcefully from his reverie under Dan’s infuriated glare.

“Uh… thanks,” Fionna stammered. 

“I figured with the kind of work you do, you wouldn’t want just anyone picking it up,” Fred assured them. 

“Actually, I’d prefer for either me or my wife to get our own mail,” Dan huffed. 

Ignoring Dan completely, Fred kept his eyes fixed on Fionna. He handed her the mail, after he flipped through it yet again.

He waggled his eyebrows and gave her a leering smirk as he released the catalogs, bills, and advertisements. Her face flushed as she and Dan both noted a  large catalog from one of her favorite lingerie stores, copies of Cosmo and Vogue, and a coupon from the online company where Fionna purchased her vibrators and the shaving cream she preferred.

“Looks like you’re gonna give Dan another one there. That’s what I always say. A woman’s place is either pregnant or getting that way,” Fred chortled.  

Fionna huffed indignantly as Dan ground his teeth. 

“Betty always hits me when I say that,” he commented off handedly. 

“Imagine that.” Dan rolled his eyes. 

“Daddy,” Aida urged insistently. “I need to go inside.” She crossed her legs and wiggled. 

“Come on, baby,” Dan urged her up the garage steps. “I told you.” He pulled Fionna into his embrace as soon as Aida made it to the bathroom.

“A woman’s place is either pregnant or getting that way,” Fionna spat. “He only has two kids,” she spat.

“I get the impression that he talks a much bigger game than he’s allowed to play. But, I’m so glad you’re home,” he confessed as he felt her energy swirl around him. 

“Me too.” She gave him a contented sigh.

“Why don’t you go put on something comfortable? I’ll order Chinese. Let’s just lay on the couch and watch TV with our baby girl.” 

“That sounds perfect,” Fionna’s rhythms rolled into soothing waves. “Wanna come help me change?” She waggled her eyebrows.

A shuddering growl echoed from Dan’s chest as he quickly followed her up the stairs. 

“I missed you so much,” Dan vowed as he helped her unzip the sundress she was wearing. 

“Did you?” she teased.

“Hell yeah. I missed doing this.” He kissed his way from her earlobe down her neck. And I really missed these,” he popped the clasp on her bra flinging it off as he lifted the weight of her breasts and laved her nipples with his tongue. Her impatient little whimper drove him wild.

Working his way down, he slid his hands around her bump.

“I missed my baby girl.” He kissed his way down her extremely swollen midsection. Halia’s hand moved across Fionna’s stomach as she heard her daddy’s voice. Dan was overwhelmed as he watched. “I missed holding you in my arms while you sleep. I missed hearing you laugh, seeing you smile at me, hearing about your day. You make everything in my life good, baby. And, my God, I missed laying you out and taking you. Hearing you call my name, those sweet sounds you make all for me, feeling you drip down my fingers, then pounding into you until the only thing you want is more of me,” Dan vowed in a reverent growl. 

Fionna’s moans reached fevered-pitch. Dan dragged his index finger along her slit through the thin satin panties she was wearing. 

“After our little girl goes to bed, baby, I’m gonna fill you full. I’m tired of waiting. I need you,” he urged in a heated groan. 

She gasped for breath as he edged the crotch of the panties aside. “Already wet for me, baby. Such a good girl.” He traced his finger back and forth right where she wanted so desperately to be entered. 

“Oh God, stop. I can’t take it. I need you. I need to be full of you,” she pled. 

“Be patient and let it build for me. Let me go spend some time with Aida, and then, I’m gonna spend a whole lot of time with her mama.” 

After several long, impassioned kisses where Dan was simply unable not to grope her luscious breasts, Fionna dressed and they headed down stairs. 

Aida giggled as they entered the living room hand in hand. “I know what you were doing up there,” she informed them with a great deal of sass.

“You do?” Dan lifted her up in the air and then seated her in his lap, delighting his little girl. 

“Yes! You were kissing.”

“And how do you know that?” Fionna laughed as she snuggled in beside them.

Aida turned serious and grasped Fionna’s hand.

“I know because you were crying last night, and you missed Daddy, and he doesn’t want you to cry, so he was kissing you and making you feel better.” 

“I’m okay, sweet girl,” Fionna assured her. Dan’s heart sank rapidly to his stomach. 

He wrapped his arm around his wife keeping Aida in his lap. “Fi?” he whispered, but she shook her head.

“Later,” she instructed.

He wanted to make certain it was nothing more than hormones and being away from home that had her in tears, but supposed he’d have to wait. 

They snuggled on the couch and reveled in being home together, until Aida was yawning more than she was talking. Dan helped her with her bath and her pajamas then tucked her into bed after a quick story. 

Disappointment washed through him as he returned downstairs to find his wife sound asleep on the couch tucked under several quilts. 

“Fi.” He kissed her cheek sweetly. “Let’s go to bed, baby.”

She let him help her up off of the couch. He guided her up the stairs and eased off the yoga pants she’d put on earlier. “I’m sorry. I’m just so tired.” She sounded thoroughly defeated. 

“You have nothing to be sorry about, sweetheart. I just want to hold you while you sleep.” That was a lie. He wanted so much more than to hold her, but he reminded himself that having her safe in his arms was enough for that night. He cradled her tenderly on his chest and fell asleep.

Dan spent the weekend doing nothing but hanging out in sweats with his wife and his girls. He and Aida went to the store Saturday morning, and Fionna fixed a huge pot of her chili. They ate on it all weekend while watching movies, cuddling, and shutting the world out for a while.

He was granted numerous opportunities to reconnect with his wife while Aida was still asleep Saturday morning, then again while she went to play with Olivia for a little while Saturday afternoon. They took a long bath Saturday night which ended in a love making session that had them both needing another shower after it was over. 

The process continued Sunday. By work Monday morning, he was sated and completely satiated. He was ready to face Clarence Pendergrath and ready to give the Amative Energies exam. He and Fionna planned on spending every afternoon for the next few weeks getting ready for Halia’s arrival. 

Prepared for battle, he entered his father’s office before he stopped by his own. “I have a list of suspects on the drug test swaps, and I really think you need to do a surprise test today or tomorrow. If we catch someone, you could use that information to get closer to the person or people that covered the tests in the first place.” He handed his dad a printed copy of thirty names of students all juniors or seniors that all had been given internships at Georgetown in the last year. He’d checked into Mindy Langer’s social media pages but hadn’t found anything linking her to anyone on the list. 

Governor Vindico looked bereaved. “You and Fi are moving to Kauai, right?” 

“Yeah, Dad. This job just isn’t for me. I know I’m taking the girls away, but it’s only a five-hour flight for you. I can’t work here year after year with him. I can’t have him around Fi and the girls, not after what his father did,” Dan hoped his own father would understand. 

The Governor let his eyes close for a long moment. “I feel like I just got my son back, and now you’re leaving.”

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