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Hi, and thank you for your interest in being a part of The Society of Sugar and Spice street team. We’re honored you want to join us. We have so much fun together dishing about Jillian’s books, our lives, and most importantly, book boyfriends.

Members of the street team often receive free advanced (before release day) copies of Jillian’s books (ARCs). All we have to do is review the book on Amazon on release day. It’s that easy, but there are a few requirements to be considered for membership:

  • You have to love hot, sexy, alpha men and love romance! 
  • You have to always be kind when interacting on the street team private page.
  • You have to promise never, ever to spam any other author’s social media posts or website, book blogs, Goodreads groups, or any discussion about other author’s work. If you’re asked whose work you love to read or what you’re currently reading, feel free to throw Jillian’s name in there, but never redirect any conversation to focus on her.

That’s it! Those are the only requirements. Pretty easy, right?

Here’s how to join:

  1. Make sure you’ve already Liked Jillian’s Facebook Page. Currently, all street team discussions and forums will take place on a private group page on Facebook.

  2. If you have reviewed any her books previously, provide the links in the form below.

  3. Fill in the information below. You have to be invited to the group Facebook page, and we can only do that with your email address. Jillian loves to give her street team lots of swag and prizes throughout the year. That’s why we need your street address. And she’s a Southern girl. Her mama taught her to use her best manners. That’s why we need your birthdate, but she would never ask for the year you were born. Some things need never be revealed.

Thanks for submitting your request. Jillian will send you an invite to the Facebook group.


  • I understand that I may not be selected for the street team at this time. (But we will continue to add people in the future)
  • I understand that if I am selected for the team that I may not receive an advanced copy of every one of Jillian’s releases.
  • I understand the zero spam policy. I am free to share posts on Facebook and Twitter, and comment on groups I am active in about Jillian's books, but spamming of any kind will be cause for immediate removal from the team.
  • I understand that this is a group that may discuss details for upcoming books, have ARC copies and other information that is not yet public. I will NOT share any confidential info outside the group. What happens in The Secret Society of Sugar and Spice stays in the Society.
  • I understand that if I fail to post a review when promised, I will not be offered future ARC copies.

Thank you!

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