The Gifted Realm: Academy - Volume 1

Chapter 51 - The Former Chief of Iodex

“Load those pictures up. See if we can get a hit with the facial recognition software,” Dan ordered as he marched into Iodex abandoning Carla in the corridor. Ire surged through his bloodstream. She would be nothing but trouble. His grandfather had pulled the pin on a grenade but he hadn’t had to stay around to endure the fall out.

His father wasn’t going down for this anymore than Dan would allow him to go down for the shit at Venton. “I need to know what drove Wilshire to pull all of that in front of every Gifted media organization in the country. Who the hell was picking him up?”

Logan and Rainer both stared at him. Pity was evident in their eyes. Dan’s shield pulsed an angry red.

“Now,” he roared.

“Dan,” Portwood stepped in front on him, less than one foot away. “This isn’t Iodex’s case. We are not using Iodex equipment to find anything about Wilshire. If your father wants to open this up, hand everything going on at Venton over to me, then we will gladly step in but I think you need to remember who runs this show now. That’s my name on the door.” He needlessly pointed to the Chief’s office door. “I’m happy to help you as a friend when I can but not like this. Not at the expense of my men or my assets,” he gestured to Logan and Rainer. “Your sister is getting married in a half hour. Take a deep breath. Go find Fionna. I shouldn't have done what I did out there but at least stopping the press from interrogating that woman isn't against procedure. This isn’t happening again. Not on my watch.”

Bile singed his throat as he choked on his own fury. He forced a single nod. There was no need to ask what specifically wasn’t happening again. Elite Iodex Chief Landon Portwood was going to run things by the book. Dan had always been willing to bend the rules to get results. And he was the one who no longer had a badge.

Storming out, he slammed the doors on the other side of the wing and fumed through the Governor’s corridor. Before he passed the entrance to his father’s office, Fionna came in from the Senate side.

“Hey there,” she held out her right hand.

“Logan call you?” Dan didn’t have to ask. He knew someone had summoned her.

“Portwood texted.” She laced her right fingers through his. Quickly discovering how agitated his rhythms were, she took his left hand as well. Her rhythms instantly began absorbing the anger. His rhythms eased slowly. “He feels bad, Dan. They all love you.”

“He had every right to stand up to me,” he admitted though the words tasted like battery acid on his tongue.

“He knows that but knowing it and believing it are two very different things. We don’t have to stay if you don’t want. We could get Aida, go home,” she shrugged, “not be here.”

“We are not running away from her, or from Wilshire, or from anything else. No one is going to take my father down because of their own mortal stupidity and that includes my grandfather.”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered.

He closed his eyes in abject defeat. “I didn’t mean to order you around. I’ve lost my fucking mind apparently.”

Her fingertips traced from his palms up his coat sleeves until she wound her arms under his coat and around his back. “Kinda like it when you order me around. At least in our bedroom. But you already knew that.”

“Trying to distract me?”

“Is it working?”

“Maybe.” When she untucked his shirt and pressed her hands to his back, his entire being drank in the calming rhythms she flooded into his body. His hungry groan was much too loud.

“Fi, stop. I’ll be fine. You don’t have enough reserves to do this.” Gently, he rubbed his hands on either side of her baby bump.

“I’m just fine. Let me take care of you. Did you really think I only do this to help you calm down? Filling my own rhythms with yours… trust me… there’s mutual enjoyment.” She lifted her head and gave him a sex kitten smirk he swore reached through his chest and wrapped tightly around his cock.

“Mutual enjoyment?” He huffed. “Is that it? When I get you home, my beautiful Maylea, I’m gonna give you a whole helluva lot more than enjoyment. I’m gonna fuck you senseless.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

As his own anger dissipated into her soothing rhythms, he remembered why he couldn’t take her home and ravish her the way he used to. “You feeling okay?”

“I’m fine. Just miss you, miss being with you. All of the insanity here is a lot to feel. Your mom is just about to lose it. The press doesn't realize I can feel everything they're thinking. Your father has so much regret about Carla and Lindley. Lindley's energy is always difficult for me. It's so jagged. It’s all too much for me to sort through. I need my shield.”

And this was precisely why he had to remember not to go back to the man who shouted out orders and slammed doors when he didn’t get his way. When he went back there, he lost his way. He lost her.

His shield spun from his palms to encapsulate his baby. She relaxed against him. “I’ve got you,” he whispered.

Four hours later, they’d survived the wedding of Lindley and Ryan Tuttle. Dan rushed his wife out to the waiting car through the throngs of microphones and press badges, after the happy couple left. Garrett had offered to take Aida to see the new Pixar movie and out for ice cream which left Dan and Fionna several delicious hours to be alone.

Fionna had gone so far as to have Adeline assure Dan once more at the reception that she could indeed have sex, as long as they took it easy.

Fionna spun to stare him down as soon as they made it inside their home and sealed the rest of the world away.

A desperate groan thundered from his chest as he laced his fingers in her thick brunette tresses and leaned her head to the side taking her lush lips with greed.

Desperation surged up his spine. He had to prove to her that he was still a shield, that he didn’t require a badge. Or perhaps, he had to prove it to himself.

Lifting her up into his arms, he smirked when she protested about her weight. “Hush, baby. I can not only carry you but I can put you over my knee as well.”

Throwing back the coverings on their bed, he settled her on her feet and arranged the many pillows in a stack before he guided her back on them. When he turned back, she’d lifted her dress over her head. That suited him just fine. They both stripped quickly.

“I’m hungry,” he warned. A breathy moan mewled from her. “And you’re gonna give me that sweet honey you make all for me. You’re gonna fill my mouth with it.”

“Oh my God. Yes." Her body bucked in need, showing him where she wanted his tongue. She clawed the sheets under her hands as he slowly licked up her slit after he eased her legs further apart. 

Her back arched over the pillows he’d arranged, granting him full access. “That’s a good girl.” Slowly, torturously, he swirled his tongue between her lips, making her beg for more. Sliding his teeth over her soaked tissues, he steeped himself in her juices, in the spicy nectar that flowed from her.

“Dan. Yes. More,” was all the encouragement he required.

He gained intensity knowing precisely what his baby liked. Her energy tensed and pulsed just below the arc that would push her over.

Slipping his tongue up her slit, he coaxed her clit into his mouth before sucking and swirling his tongue right where she wanted him.

“Please,” she whimpered. “Please let me come.”

 “Not yet, baby. Let it build for me. Let it hurt for me,” he soothed as she whimpered in delicious, driving frustration.

Her head shook in desire. He dipped deeply between her folds and she lost it all filling his mouth with the liquid form of her energy. Nothing would ever taste as good as that.

“So damn sweet,” he growled in reverence as he drank her dry.

Running his hand over his mouth, he joined her on the bed, letting his fingers trace delicate patterns over her mound as the orgasm robbed her of breath.

The waves of her energy pulsed in fevered need. Her hand sought his strain. She ran her fingertips through the pearl of precum gathered at his head.

His eyes rolled back as she drew copious amounts of erotic energy straight from the source. His body quaked and shuddered as she kneaded him until he ached with a pain only she could soothe.

He traced up and down her pouty slit and dipped his fingers inside of her not certain how much longer he could draw it out. He needed to fill her so full she didn’t want anything as badly as she wanted him to set her free.

Tracing his fingers over her favorite spot, his hot breaths whispered over her ear. “It’s right here isn’t it, baby?” He tempted her clit again with his wet fingertips. “I know. I always know what you need.”

He longed to crawl over her, to harbor her under his rippling body, to cover her completely. Reminding himself that he could do that again soon, he pushed her over again feeling her energy flood his hand.

“Turn over for me,” he commanded as a heady groan hummed from her.

He arranged her stomach on the stacked pillows as she shook her luscious ass for him just the way he liked. “Such a good girl.”

He positioned himself behind her. “Now, take it for me.” He eased her hips back over his throbbing erection, burying himself deep in the heart of her.

It was astounding. As many times as he’d been with his wife, each time seemed more magical, more erotic, more sensual.

He pulled away coated in her nectar. The sight drove him wild. He had to look away lest he lose it all before he’d really begun. Pure need consumed him.

Take it easy, Vindico. He ordered himself to remember what was at stake.

“More. Please, Dan. I need more.”

Slowly, he picked up pace, monitoring her rhythms constantly. Ecstasy pulsed through her. She could indeed take more.

“Feel me, baby. Feel how deep I am,” he growled and she cinched tightly around him. Her energy swirled around him combining and rolling in his own. “Feels good doesn’t it. Feels better when you’re full of me.”

Her moans reached fever pitch. Her body vibrated and trembled around him as he built her one last time. And once again, he buried his every mistake, his every fault inside of her. Absolution rested deep within his own personal saving grace. How could he ever have been so lucky?

His release pulsed low in his groin. His sac drew tight to his body. He couldn’t fight it. It had been too damned long. It felt too fucking good.

Reaching over her, he cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples with his fingertips. He was set to detonate.

“I’m gonna fill you full, baby. Come with me,” he demanded.

She screamed out his name as he filled her full, burying himself inside of her perfection. Her body convulsed and quaked as the climax tightened her rhythms and then they unfurled around him.

 Their releases combined deeply inside of her as her body milked him deeper still.  After several minutes, he withdrew begrudgingly and reality slowly filtered back through his mind. Falling to the bed beside her he pulled her under his arm laying her languidly on his chest.

“Fi, tell me the truth. Was that too much? My God, I didn’t mean to be so rough.”

“You weren’t rough. You were perfect. See for yourself.” She took his hand and laid it on her belly. Their little girl was moving back and forth. Her foot pressed against Fionna’s skin.

Dan locked onto her tiny rhythms. She did indeed feel perfect.

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