The Gifted Realm: Academy - Volume 1

Chapter 13 - The Strength and the Weakness

~Jeff Strenton~

With precise gentleness, Jeff let his hand caress Becca’s stomach.

“Do you want to try and feel the baby’s energy like Mrs. Vindico was talking about?” she whispered.

Willing away his trepidation, Jeff was determined to be the man she needed and the dad he’d never had. “Of course.”

Becca stepped back slightly and unsnapped her jeans. His heart raced frantically, as he began lambasting himself. He didn’t deserve to be with her, not after all of this, but God he wanted her so badly he hurt.

Desperate to feel her around him again, he tried to will away the desire. It was a pointless endeavor. They used to lay in her canopied bed in her bedroom in the Sapman’s gargantuan house. They would start out studying, but it always ended up with their books shoved on the floor, him slipping her jeans off, and then slipping deeply inside of her.

When he was spent and she was satisfied, he would hold her close and whisper how much he loved her until just before her parents came home from work. They would redress and finish their homework.

The past summer had been perfection. She would bring lunch to whichever construction site where he was working. When he finished for the afternoon, he’d take her home. She’d meet him in the shower and they’d finish in the bed.

They would talk about after graduation, dream about Jeff having a job at Iodex and her teaching at the private preschool where she desperately wanted to work. Her parents wouldn’t let her apply early. The Sapman children weren’t to work until after graduation.

Jeff would talk about buying them a little house after he somehow convinced her father to let Becca marry him. He knew the Governor didn’t think he was good enough for Becca. He knew he was right. They just disagreed on whether or not Jeff could become good enough for her.

Bringing Jeff back to the present, Becca hoisted her jeans off and carefully pulled the decorative pillows off of the bed. She pulled her sweater over her head and a slight moan escaped Jeff’s lungs.

Catching her hands as she headed for her bag, he brushed a tender kiss on her lips. He just needed to taste her, to feel her energy just for a moment. His hands caressed her sides. Her alabaster skin felt like satin against his callused hands. Her breaths dissolved into familiar frantic pants that drove him wild.

Unable to stop himself, Jeff slipped his right hand down her back kneading her backside in the soft lace panties she was wearing. The war in his mind waged on. He wanted her more than he wanted to draw his next breath, but he never deserved to be with her ever again.

 “Come on.” Becca led him to the bed. Situating herself on the bed, she slipped the panties down past her mound. Jeff’s mouth watered so fiercely he could hardly speak. His mind scrambled. He watched her eyes close as she tried to suppress her own energy.

Trying to remember everything Mentor Vindico had instructed him to do, Jeff concentrated. “Uh … where do I put my hands?” he whispered, trying not to break her concentration. 

“I’m not sure. Try here.” She took his hands and laid them on her abdomen just above her mound. Swallowing down his desperate yearning. Jeff let his eyes close.  Becca’s energy swirled under his touch. Another moan threatened to spring from his lips, but he bit it back and concentrated as he let her rhythms permeate his.

She was worried and confused, but there beneath the tension was desire, and love, and contentment. Elation filled him as he realized that she wanted to be right where they were.

Seating himself on the side of the bed, he continued to concentrate. Suddenly, he felt something. Sliding his hands just slightly to the left, he caught it again. Becca’s eyes flew open.  “Do you feel it?”

Jeff nodded unable to believe that he’d had a part in something so miraculous. He felt what would ultimately become his baby’s tiny developing rhythms. Utterly stunned, he understood that they were smaller faster versions of his own. 

“Mrs. Vindico said that she knew they were having a girl because she’s a Receiver, but I can’t tell yet,” Becca confessed.

“I don’t care what we’re having as long as it’s healthy and you’re okay.” Jeff lost the rhythms as he spoke. 

“Jeff?” Becca’s gaze met his own.

“Yeah, baby?” he soothed.  He hadn’t called her that since she’d told him, terrified the word alone would bring on more tears, but it seemed to bring her peace instead.

“Will you please just hold me?”

“Of course.” He toed off his second hand boots and undressed. Climbing in beside her, he was still unable to believe he was getting to sleep all night with Becca in Dan Vindico’s house. It was like a very bizarre dream come true.

She clamored up on his chest, popping the clasp on her bra as she rolled. He helped her dispense with it and tried desperately not to stare at her breasts, and to be there for her.

His breath tangled in his throat. He felt himself tense and strain as she clung to him wearing nothing but an insubstantial pair of panties. Her breasts were swollen larger than he’d ever seen them. They slid against his chest as she drew breath. The friction made him dizzy with need.

“I love you so much, Bec.”

“I love you too,” she whispered. The tense edgings of her energy eased. Contentment filled the waves spilling off of her. It seemed like a lifetime since he’d felt her rhythms spin around him without stress or fear weighting them.

“I’m always gonna be there okay, baby. Always,” he vowed.


He kissed the top of her head sweetly as he held her to his bare chest. “I promise.”

“Jeff please, just for a little while. Just be with me. I need it all to go away for a while. I don’t want to think about it anymore. I want to feel you. I want to get lost in you.”

Needing no further provocation, he cradled her head with his hand and brought her luscious lips to his, devouring the confection of her mouth.

It had been too long. He knew it was wrong. He probably should never have done it in the first place, but he wasn’t strong enough to tell her no. He would never be that strong. She just felt too damn good, like a drug he never wanted to stop taking.

“Becca.” He felt her hand timidly stroke the veins that ran the length of his cock.

“I want to feel you,” she begged. Her fingerstips circled his crown and then spun through the pearls of pre-cum at his head.

“Jesus, that feels so good.”

“I want to feel you deep inside of me, again. I need to be with you. I want our baby to feel your energy inside of mine.”

A shuddering groan echoed from his lungs. She needed him. He slipped his hands to her breasts but immediately felt their tender fevered strain. He forced his hands away by sheer strength of will. “Does it hurt if I touch them?” he choked, never wanting her to cause her pain. The afternoon he’d taken her virginity two years before had threatened to make him violently ill. He shut that thought down quickly as Becca shook her head.

“It feels better when you lift them and rub them. It feels amazing, actually. Just be gentle.”

His cock pulsed fiercely against her. She moaned. Working timidly, gaging her energy and her responses, Jeff eased her breasts upward lifting their weight.  She cried out for him and he added to the pressure, driving her wild.

 Her back arched in invitation, pushing her breasts towards his mouth. He dipped his head and swirled his tongue over her right nipple as it pulsated against his tongue.

“More, please,” she whimpered.

 With a furtive moan, Jeff gave himself over to the ecstasy of her desire. Drawing her nipple into the heat of his mouth, he sucked, feeling her erotic energy flow as she writhed between him and the mattress.

He longed to shut out the world, to be with her and her alone. Desperation to lock away everything that had gone so wrong took hold of him. He needed to cling to the only thing in his life that was right.

Sliding his hand from her breast to her mound, he pulled his mouth away just long enough to slip the panties down her legs. Air hissed from his lungs as he fought a voracious growl. Tender wet heat had gathered in the cotton.

Gently, he brushed his fingertips over the sweet curls, just slightly darker than her hair, that covered what Jeff was certain was a portion of heaven between her legs.

Her breath caught deliciously as she bucked under his touch. He traced her slit. The slick heat spread under his touch before he slipped his fingers hesitantly inside of her.

Her eyes flashed in a hungry plea she ground her body against his hand.

“God, I missed touching you. You’re so tight, Bec. Am I hurting you?”

“No. It’s so good. Please don’t stop.”

“I have no intention of stopping ever again.” He crawled back up her, coaxing the spots that made her the wettest with his plying fingers. 

The way her skin moved against his, the way their rhythms blended, the way she melded into his soul set him on fire. He inhaled the sweet perfume of her mixed with the heady scent of sex as it permeated the air around them.

 He loved the way he could always smell her scent on his skin whenever he had the extraordinary honor of being with her.  He pressed his fingers in further, giving her more friction. 

“Are you ready for me Bec?” His body begged for her to agree.

Her breath came in stuttered pants. “Take me. Please.”

“Spread your legs for me.”

Hunger seared through him. Desperate, craving hunger. He watched intently as she opened herself up for him. He sank into her slowly, taking her inch by delicious inch, easing himself inside of her perfection. The heavenly sensation washed through him mending his weary mind and healing the chasm between them.

Her sweet moans grew louder and more frantic. He kissed her quickly letting her bury her pleasure in his mouth as he buried himself inside of her.

A moment later, he pulled away, gasping for breath as he began slowly pistoning in and out. She was tight and swollen. She felt like heaven but it had been a while, and he didn’t want her to hurt the next day.

“You feel so damn good,” he groaned. He knew she needed more. She needed to feel him enveloping her, protecting her, loving her. Forced his shield out of his pores, he surrounded her in it. She went wild as she inhaled the essence of him in her panting breaths and felt him pull all of the worry from her soul. Their energy strains moved as one now.

Her breath washed from her body. She writhed underneath him as he ground against her. She spilled out for him in trembling waves that shook through her body.

He lost it all, filling her full, bathing her in everything he was. There had been too much tension, too much need buried in the harrowing fear of the last few weeks for him to bring her again. She cinched tightly around him pulling the last of his erotic energy from him as he took hers.

Jeff fell to the bed beside her trying not to squeak the mattress as he was finally able to remember where they were. He pulled her to his chest, cradling her tenderly.

“I love you so much, Bec,” he began his customary reassurances though he was exhausted. It seemed so much more important that night that she know of his undying love and devotion. The next few years would be the hardest of their lives, but he would fight every single day for her.

“Do you want to sleep in one of my t-shirts, sweetheart?” He wished she would just stay the way she was caught up in his arms with nothing between them.

Becca hemmed. He could feel nervous energy move in where satisfaction had been moments before. “Mrs. Vindico told me that she always sleeps naked.  Her baby bump kind of lays against Mentor Vindico when he holds her. She loves that.”

Finding that information uncomfortable and somewhat shocking, Jeff laughed. “She told you that?”

“Yeah, but I’d never tell anyone but you. She answered all of my questions even the ones she probably thought were stupid. Why?”

“I don’t know. That’s kind of personal. The whole male half of the senior class would give their right arm just to know that,” he tried to explain. Fionna Styler had been a legend among teenage boys for the last decade. Until she’d gotten married and pregnant, there’d been pictures of her from Angels challenges covering locker interiors and dorm room walls throughout the Academy. Jeff supposed he understood it. She was pretty, but she’d never be Becca. They laughed together, a sensation Jeff had missed just as much as being with her. “Did you want me to put that stuff she gave you on your stomach?” Jeff recalled the jar of what looked like ointment.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Oh my God, I’m gonna be a horrible mother.”

“Bec.” Jeff shook his head. “This is all kind of new, and you’re gonna be a great mom.”

The thought of her swollen full of his baby had him reeling. He tried to envision her giving birth, or of him feeling the baby move inside of her, but it was just too hard to imagine.

~Dan Vindico~

Inhaling deeply before he opened his eyes, Dan felt a smile spread across his face.  Fionna was naked and intertwined in him. She smelled of the coconut and kukui oil he’d rubbed her down with after their bath the night before.

His brow furrowed as he caught the heavier scent. “How am I laying in our bed and holding you and still smelling bacon and eggs?”

Fionna stirred against him. “I don’t know, but whatever it is, I like it,” she yawned. “Yum and coffee.” She lifted her head blinking as she tried to read the clock. “Oh my gosh, how early did they get up?” Crawling back on her hands and knees, she arched her back, stretching like a sex kitten that needed his touch.

Dan gave her a sexy half grin. “Stay just like that. You’re yummier than whatever they’re cooking.”

“Dan, it’s barely six. They need to sleep,” she fussed.

Quelling his disappointment that she was actually just stretching and not giving him an invite, he sighed, “They want to do something for us, baby, to show that they appreciate all that we’re doing for them.”

When they dressed and headed downstairs, Aida was sitting on the counter still in her princess nightgown with her hair in a tangled mass on her shoulders. “We made you breakfast,” she announced excitedly.

 “You did?” Fionna popped a kiss on her cheek.

“And Jeff let me crack the eggs.”

“I worked as a short-order cook last summer when we had all that rain and construction kind of dried up.” Jeff shrugged.

 “Okay, you can stay forever,” Fionna gushed as Jeff supplied her with a plate heaping with bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Becca supplied her with a large mug of coffee. They’d set the table neatly and added syrup, cream, and sugar near her place. 

“This is really nice, but you didn’t have to get up and do all of this,” Dan eased.

“I know, sir, but we really want to help out while we’re here,” Jeff pledged. 

Dan tried not to notice how much more relaxed and serene both Jeff and Becca were that morning. He had a very good idea how they’d gone about soothing their harrowing week.  

He was greeted by a scowling James Cantonfield, from his Senior Defense class, standing outside his office door when he arrived at work that morning. James was a hot-shot with something to prove. Reminded Dan far too much of himself at that age. He was good, too good, the only problem was he knew it.

“I need to talk to you,” James demanded.

“I’ve got five minutes. Can you talk fast?” Dan wasn’t going to be ordered around by his students.

“I guess so,” the young man simmered down slightly.

Dan opened the door and allowed him in. “If this is some kind of complaint, you can leave it in the box.” He pointed to the trash can beside his desk. “If it’s not, get on with it.”

“I guess if I knocked up one of the Governor’s daughters, I’d have a guaranteed spot at Iodex as well,” he challenged.

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